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Sweeten up your life with our Seed and Bean partnership

There are a lot of pleasures in life and some of them you just can’t beat. Chocolate is definitely one of them. 

And when we say chocolate, we don’t mean any chocolate. No, no, we are talking about the truly delicious, smooth, high-quality stuff – the type which can make your mouth water in seconds, just at the thought of it.

And this is the exact kind of chocolate Seed and Bean produces on the daily. 

What is Seed and Bean?

Seed and Bean is a company that strives to make the world a better place… with chocolate. They fearlessly mix new and adventurous flavours with ethically-sourced, quality ingredients, in order to create not only a one of a kind tasting product, but also a whole new experience for the person trying it. 

Think of an eccentric flavour combination and Sead and Bean have probably already packaged it in their small, English-based factory. And their creativity and understanding of the field shouldn’t come as a surprise – the company has a lot of experience in the chocolate-making industry – 15 years, to be exact. 

Why do we like Seed and Bean?

Well, we are talking chocolate, after all – what is not to like? Just kidding. Here is a small portion of the reasons why we love our partnership with Seed and Bean:

  • 100% organic ingredients – Seed and Bean work only with 100% organic, quality ingredients, so you can enjoy a deep and rich chocolate flavour with every bite. 
  • Eco-friendly packaging – Forget about plastic and foil packaging that needs a million years to decompose. Seed and Bean is an environmentally aware company that wraps their products in 100% compostable materials.
  • Available vegan options! – The company has a chocolate bar option for everyone. Their dark chocolate is dairy-free, so it’s perfectly suitable for people on a vegan diet.
  • Ethical approach – Seed and Bean is the only chocolate-making company to score 100% in the UK’s Ethical Company Organisation’s rankings.
  • Fairtrade – Seed and Bean is a Fairtrade brand, which believes in helping cocoa growers achieve better working and trading conditions in significantly improved standards of raw material production.

Everything sounds awesome, right? But it actually gets even better! Drum-roll, please…

Sead and Bean are Fantastic Services’ newest partner! 

From this point on, every Fantastic Club member that orders £15 or more of Seed and Bean’ sweet goodies, using our special promo code, of course, will receive a FREE chocolate bar with their purchase! 

How to get your FREE chocolate bar

Ready to receive your Seed and Bean chocolate bar? Follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account
  2. Visit the Fantastic Treats page located on the Fantastic Club members section.
  3. Find our Seed and Bean offer and receive your promo code.

Join the Fantastic Club now!

There are many more Fantastic treats where this one came from! 

Join our Fantastic Club today and you’ll get to enjoy member-only deals and discounts for luxury brand items, promo codes, adventure days off – the list just doesn’t end! Visit our website for more details about the club.

Header Image: Seed and Bean

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