Discover new ways to enjoy your favourite cocktail with our Smith & Sinclair partnership

No matter if you are a child or a responsible adult – everybody loves candy. And how could you not? It’s fun, it’s colourful, and it’s sweet – the perfect combination that can turn any frown upside down. 

However, today we’re going to talk about a truly unique type of candy. One created with the idea to bring back fun to the boring table of adulthood. No, no, no – not that kind of fun. Think more… boozy

Meet Smith & Sinclair – a company with a mission. A mission to make “Adult More Fun” through the fearless fusion of two things we all (OK, most of us.) enjoy – alcohol and confectionery.

Who are Smith & Sinclair?

Well, to put it plainly, Smith & Sinclair is basically Willy Wonka for grown-ups. The company blends together different types of alcohol and sweets, to create a one of a kind candy. From boozy dippers and cocktail F.I.Z.Z. to edible fragrances – these guys have come up with game-changing products, making them true industry innovators. 

However, the brand’s biggest pride and joy is the alcoholic cocktail gummies. It all started with Mel and Emile – the founders of the company, who used to host board games dating nights for adults, and a few bags of hand-crafted alcoholic candies, they were selling. The party guests liked the boozy gummies so much that Mel and Emile decided to set up a stand at Berwick Street Market and soon after, go into business. The rest is history…

Why do we like Smith & Sinclair?

It’s obvious now, isn’t it? Still, here is why we like this company so much:

  • They think about everyone – Not a fan of alcohol, but still like the taste? Smith & Sinclair have non-alcoholic gummy options, so nobody gets left behind!
  • Vegan ingredients – Yup, all Smith & Sinclair candies are 100% vegan.
  • It’s just fun! – Seriously, you can make your own Mimosa or chew on your favourite vodka cocktail!
  • Their products are unique – You won’t see their delicious creations anywhere else.
  • They give back – By supporting causes close to their heart.

Cool, right? And the awesomeness doesn’t stop here! 

Smith & Sinclair are our newest partner! 

Somebody, open a champagne-flavoured gummy packet!

Now, all of our beloved Fantastic Club members can enjoy 20% off EVERYTHING Smith & Sinclair has to offer by using a special promo code! Woo-hoo! 

How to receive your discount

It’s as easy as popping a piece of margarita-flavoured gummy in your mouth! Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account.
  2. Visit the Fantastic Treats page and click on the Fantastic Club section.
  3. Click on our Smith & Sinclair offer and receive your promo code.

Join our ever-growing Fantastic Club!

Become a Fantastic Club member today and get to enjoy more Fantastic offers like our Smith & Sinclair one! We constantly update our Fantastic Treats page with special deals, cool vouchers, product codes and so much more! Check out our website for more information about the club or give us a call! 

Header Image: Smith & Sinclair

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