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Create your perfect staycation – Fantastic partners Uber Eats!

What’s a staycation, we hear you ask?

If you’re not familiar with this brilliant little portmanteau, it’s all about stay-ing at home for your vacation.

Now, with Fantastic Services’ partnership with Uber Eats, you’ve got everything you need to make your next staycation perfect:

Get your home transformed into spotless order without lifting a finger. Then light up some candles, pop on some music and get the food you love delivered right to your door…

What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is ride-hailing service Uber’s relatively new food delivery option.

There are hundreds of restaurants to choose from on it – and it works really well for perusing top local restaurants you haven’t gotten around to trying yet as well as easily finding your favourites.

Then it works just as easily as hailing a ride:

  1. Check out, see the price of your order and delivery time and fee
  2. One tap places your order
  3. Watch the progress live as your meal is prepared in the restaurant
  4. Track the progress of your driver (and meal) on your app like normal

Why use Uber Eats?

The Fantastic office team has been indulging in a little Uber Eats action this week (just to test the service, of course).

We’ve found that:

  1. The delivery is very fast
  2. You get top offers from local restaurants
  3. Tracking your delivery is just great – no more wondering when your food’s going to arrive

It’s a handy app which you can get on iOS and Android

How to take advantage of the Fantastic partnership

All you need to do to set up your perfect staycation – or prepare for a great Netflix binge-watching Friday night with friends – is click here.

Get more Fantastic treats

This is just one of the partnerships we currently have. As a member of our Fantastic Club, you’re eligible to take advantage of all of them!

Here is how you do it:

  1. Log into your Fantastic account
  2. Open your Fantastic Treats page 
  3. Follow the link to open your Revolut account

If you’re not already a Fantastic account holder, you can sign up here. Then book your first service and become a Fantastic Club member to access your Fantastic Treats page. Information about our Fantastic Club and the benefits it brings to you is available here

The Fantastic Treats page is where you’ll find all of the great deals and special offers you get access to for being a Fantastic Club member.

If you’ve logged in recently, you’ll have seen money off beer and coffee, massages and manicures, on-demand dry cleaning, flower bouquets and much more. Go check your account out now.

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