Fantastic Review in Tech Trends!

GoFantastic Review in Tech Trends

GoFantastic is in the news yet again! This time, our handy free on-demand services app has been reviewed by the well-respected technology blog Tech Trends.

Tech Trends‘ technology expert Alice Bonasio booked an end of tenancy cleaning service from Fantastic Services using our domestic services app.

And the results spoke for themselves! 

Tech Trends is one of the industry’s leading technology blogs for some very good reasons:

The first of course is Alice Bonasio herself, who’s been using her creative and communications expertise to advise all sizes of company across the world for over 15 years.

But more than that, the Tech Trends blog is both always on-the-ball and written in a pleasantly fun and accessible way. Perfect for knowledgeable industry veterans and people who just want to skim the latest tech news alike.

Domestic Services App Reviews

But back to the important stuff:

Did our GoFantasic app get good reviews?

Short answer: yes! Some of the features that Tech Trends cited were:

  1. How fast the app is – it’s easy, free to download, and works very smoothly
  2. That it’s an on-demand app like Uber – you can select the right time, get the best price, and you use a BETTR score to rate cleaners after your service is finished
  3. The follow-up – booking via apps can feel a little bit uncertain, which is why a customer adviser will call you straight away to confirm your booking after you use GoFantastic
  4. You get a direct number to call if there’s ever a problem – so there’s no messing around with circular customer service. Your adviser tells you the number and their name when they get in touch

What else did Tech Trends have to say?

See for yourself:

Get Your Own FREE App

You can check out GoFantastic now, via either the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS.

Plus, you can see the review for yourself in full over at Tech Trends.

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Last update: August 28, 2018
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