Fantastic Services chosen to help Channel 4’s Secret Shopper with Mary Portas

Fantastic Services on Secret Shopper

Retail guru Mary Portas, the Queen of the British aisles, is making waves in her new series of Secret Shopper. In the television show she works with some of Britain’s best-known brands and high-street chains to give shoppers the service they deserve and in one of her most recent episodes, Fantastic Services was there to give a helping hand. Don’t worry, Fantastic Services wasn’t one of the businesses that needed help, we were there to help clean up!

In the episode, Mary scales it down and helps out a small DIY business in Central London that’s stuck in the past. She’s on hand to help this family-run shop that’s been going for 50 years, and finding it hard to keep up with the larger DIY stores. It’s her job to drag the business back into the 21st century. Struggling with the organisation in the shop and having no real inventory system, she soon saw that they were desperate for a clear out and a bit of a makeover. So, Mary called in Fantastic Services and they soon got stuck in and started a major clean.

On top of getting the shop organised, she also coaches them on their customer service techniques and the difference between general chit chat and over-the-top banter. Finally, she gives them a state of the art electronic point of sale system, which as well as registering sales also takes note of stock and automatically orders things when they are out of stock. It took a while but finally they were ready to move forward. With the revamp of their shop, they were soon making a profit.

When she revisits the business a few months after the show, turnover is up by 30%. What a fantastic result! Fantastic Services was only too happy to help out with their business clean up. If you think that you need a bit of an office clean or shop clear-out why not try one of our fantastic services.

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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