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Fantastic Services for Landlords

So, you are a landlord.

Must be nice having ‘lord’ in one of your titles. 
As a landlord, you are the de facto manager of at least one more property other than your own personal dwelling.

Therefore, periodically you have to deal with the maintenance needs of your properties. Which is kind of a hassle, isn’t it?

You just want to retreat to a comfortable place to have some shortbread and tea while watching some Netflix.

BUT. This one tenancy matter just popped up. And you have to deal with it. ASAP.

This is where Fantastic Services comes in.

So, let’s play some landlord bingo, shall we?

Here’s how it goes: we will try to guess some of the most common hassles and pain points you have as a landlord when it comes to general property upkeep. And we will tell you exactly how Fantastic Services can help you.

“Oh no! The new tenants will move in next week and the place is a mess!”

Challenge accepted! In this case, what you need is our comprehensive Tenancy Cleaning. You can easily check the availability of the service online and you can even see a price estimate based on the specifics of the rental property.

When it’s time for the service, we will send a team of fully equipped cleaners to the address. Just make sure to let them in and they will take care of everything. This service is not time-limited, meaning the cleaners won’t leave until the to-do list is completed.

Also, our tenancy cleaning is done in accordance with the standards of leasing agencies so you can expect a job well done. In fact, the service comes with a 48-hour re-clean guarantee and additional 168-hour extension just in case.

Need End of Tenancy Cleaning?

Book professionals to clean your rentals.

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“Phew, the place is now clean and comfy. BUT WHAT ABOUT THIS LEAK UNDER THE SINK?”

Uh-oh! We sure hope you did not find out about the leak because the neighbour bellow noticed it first. Well, these things happen every now and then.

In this case, the first thing you should do is to shut down the main water supply. Then, strategically position a bucket right under the leaky spot if possible. And finally, book a plumber with Fantastic Services.

That’s right, you can easily book a plumber for the place. And he will actually show up! No need to hope for a miracle. We will send a fully equipped and experienced plumber to the address who will determine what’s wrong and fix whatever needs fixing.

“Great, now I can sit down and relax for a little bit. Wow, this sofa is comfy. Wait, what is this? I SURE HOPE THIS STAIN IS KETCHUP!”

Yikes! Please let it be ketchup!

But whatever it is, our Upholstery & Carpet Cleaning service can deal with most domestic stains. We use highly effective pre-treatment solutions and hot water extraction machines to remove the stains and refresh your upholstered furniture and carpeting.

They will be refreshed and look almost as good as new. This usually also significantly improves the air quality in the room because the accumulated dust and grime are removed from the items.

“Alright, alright. I’ll book some services online. Just, let me charge my phone for a little bit. Is this socket working? You got to be kidding me!”

Yeah, this looks like a job for somebody who knows a thing or two about electricity. Maybe call in an electrician? A fantastic one. Or, if the place requires some other repairs, just let us know what kind and we will send the right tradesperson to fix whatever needs fixing.

“Sure, maybe later. Right now I am thinking that this sofa is too comfy and I wish to swap it with the one in my living room.”

Need a hand with that? Because our Man and Van service is absolutely perfect for this. In fact, any type of Home Removal you might need, we can handle it. We also deliver IKEA furniture.

“That’s nice but I’d rather watch an Adam Sandler movie rather than waste two hours assembling a nightstand.”

We can assemble it for you.

“You guys are the worst! Look, I’d get some new furniture for the place but it is kind of full of things already.”

Oh look, a segway to one of our services – Junk Removal! In case you have some old furniture or appliances that you’d like to remove, then we can easily take care of that for you as well.

“Unfortunately, the front yard is overgrown and it has now become an enchanted forest filled with mystical creatures.”

We have to admit that we are not all that familiar with the fantasy genre. But we are absolutely fantastic when it comes to garden clearance. You can book a gardening service for the place and we will send a team of two gardeners who will make quick work of this ‘mysterious’ growth.

And we know nothing of any mystical creatures but when it comes to pesky rodents and insects, our Pest Control service does the trick.

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