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As we grow as a company, we are gaining more and more recognition for our efforts. It seems that not a month goes by without us being featured in a publication or two.

This time round it’s a feature in Your Home Magazine, an online publication dedicated to sharing affordable and inspirational ideas and tips for home décor and improvements in an upbeat and contemporary way. Ranging from quick fixes and refurb hacks, all the way up to complete room remakes. This helpful magazine will guide the reader with step by step instructions on cost, time and practical issues.

We have been working a lot lately with some major players in the property market, to nail down options for people to add value to their homes. So with this in mind we have come up with 9 top tips to increase the equity of a property.

Here’s a quick summary. It’s a lot simpler than you may think.

Don’t leave it too late!

Small problems that often get missed, or put on the back burner quite often turn into expensive issues if left too long. So, fix that leaky tap or window that is a bit draughty. Your living space will always feel refreshed if you keep on top of maintenance, and your house will be ready for the market whenever you want.

Fix up that floor

A damaged floor or a carpet with visible draught marks are relatively easy to fix but are both glaringly obvious to any prospecting buyers. So, regular deep cleans is the order of the day.

Give your garden some TLC

A little effort and money spent on your garden will pay great dividends. It is widely accepted that a neat garden can add thousands in ‘curb appeal’. So, cut back those unruly shrubs, cut the grass, and get some professional help planting the right plants for your space.

Make some space

The more space you can make in your home will allow potential buyers see the potential for them. Cleared window sills let in more light and make a room feel bigger.

Renew your loo

A bit of toilet talk now. To sell you must have a pristine bathroom and toilet. Refresh sealant around baths, sink and shower. Reduce the clutter.

Keep the front fabulous

First impressions count. Make sure your front door and entrance hall or porch are freshly painted.

Keeping up with the kitchen

As with the bathroom, a clean kitchen is essential. Get the oven cleaned professionally, it pays! If it looks a bit tired, new cupboard doors are an easy fix.

Plan ahead – consider a conversion

More living space will maximise the value of your home. Get plans drawn and planning approval in place. Even if you don’t go ahead, it is still a big plus for a buyer to know it can be done.

Before you’re infested with potential buyers, check who’s already invaded your house and garden.

Pest control is not top of the list of priorities for most. Problems have to be severe for many to even realise anything is wrong. Check your house for any signs of bed bugs, rodents, etc. A mouse running across the floor will kill your sale.

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Last update: October 11, 2018
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