Fantastically Green Dry Cleaning – Partnership with VClean!


Dry cleaning. Expensive? Inconvenient? Not great for the environment? VClean is set to change all that. The green-clean company is bringing its network of handy VDrop machines to the streets of London.

All you need to do is drop off your clothes in the VDrop on your way to work. Get a QR code on your phone. Then wait for 24 hours until you get a notification your clothes are fresh and ready. Then pick them up on your way home. Simple!

All the cleaning they do is environmentally-friendly and chemical-free – so good it actually improves the colour of your clothes. Plus it costs half as much as your local dry cleaner.

With VDrop machines starting to sprout on London corners (check out the VClean website to find out where – they’ve got big expansion plans!), there’s never been a better time to try out this hyper-convenient dry cleaning service for yourself.

What you get from Fantastic’s partnership with VClean

If you’re a Fantastic customer in Epping (that’s where the first VDrop machine is located), you’re about to receive a classic Fantastic Treat.

Get your £30 FREE dry cleaning introductory offer for the price of one quick email.

Get your free dry cleaning

A couple of members of the Fantastic office team tried the VDrop out for themselves and were amazed at how convenient it is. Plus:

  • VClean is eco-friendly – if you use Fantastic, being environmentally friendly is no doubt important to you. VClean is powerfully into this, breaking free from the industry’s life-long association with chemicals.
  • High-quality cleansing – it’s actually better than high street! Traditional dry cleaning eat your heart out. VClean is ultra modern and it shows.
  • It’s very affordable – in the Fantastic office team’s experience, dry cleaning, say, a suit, costs at least £15 depending on where you go. VClean costs less than half of that. It’s £2.50 for a shirt, £3 for anything else. You really can’t say fairer than that!

So, how do you get the discount?

It’s actually super simple! If you have used our services in the past 6 months and you are based in Epping, you will most certainly receive an email from our side. Then all you need to do is reply and receive the special discount.

You’ve got until the end of December to redeem your free dry cleaning.

Get more Fantastic Treats any time

Fancy some more free goodies from Fantastic Services? If you’ve got a Fantastic Account and you’ve used your first service, your Fantastic Treats page will be open for (free) business!

Visit it any time you’re looking for a well-deserved free voucher or a little something extra from a trendy new service. We’ve previously given our Fantastic Account holders special deals, freebies and money off wines and beers, eyewear, fashion, hair products, healthy kids snacks and more.

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