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Free Carpet Cleaning for Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities provides a “home away from home” for families with children in hospital far from home. This helps families keep some element of normalcy in their lives at incredibly difficult times – a brilliant idea and a great charity.

So when Ronald McDonald House Evelina London signaled that they were looking for a little help from local companies, Fantastic Services jumped right in to provide some free carpet cleaning.

Fantastic Services was founded around the idea of 360 Degrees of Happiness – that everyone involved in the running of the company should be treated like a professional and be happy about what they do. So when the time comes that we can extend this treatment to the rest of the community too, we jump at the chance!

The service was carried by the carpet cleaning team at Fantastic Cleaners. We cleaned six bedroom carpets at Ronald McDonald House Evelina London, who were kind enough to send us a thank you letter telling us that they were grateful for the help.

Who Are Ronald McDonald House Charities?

The charity was set up as a result of an unusual partnership, but the idea and the results can’t be argued with!

The originator of the idea was Dr Audrey Evans, an oncologist working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the 1970s. Dr Evans was treating the daughter of Fred Hill, a player for the Philadelphia Eagles American Football team for her leukemia.

The team managed to raise the $100,000 necessary for the treatment, but Dr Evans then suggested that more money be raised to fund a house where the families of other children being treated in the hospital could rest outside of the ward.

Ed Rensi, a McDonald’s area manager, agreed that the company would provide $32,000 for this to happen. Mr Rensi asked for the building to be called the Ronald McDonald House. The rest is history.

The charity:

  • Now has branches and houses in over 60 regions and countries;
  • Celebrated its 25th birthday as an independent charity in the UK in 2014;
  • Helps families stay close to their sick children, alleviates their stress and anxiety and reduces their financial burden;

Fantastic Services Charity Work – Supporting Ronald McDonald House

You can donate and offer your services to support the great work that Ronald McDonald House Charities does here.

Wonder how it all went down? Check out the pictures in our gallery!

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