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The strategy and technicalities of your landscape projects.

Artificial Grass Drainage Problems and Why They Happen

artificial grass problems

So, you got a new artificial lawn installed. Awesome, now you can enjoy a well-maintained and always green garden all year round. But wait… What is that water puddle in the middle of your garden?

Fake grass drainage problems are quite a common issue for many homeowners. The problem can lead to numerous unpleasant consequences like а wonky looking turf and the development of mould and mildew.

How to Lay Gravel Over Grass

lay gravel over grass

It’s really no surprise why so many homeowners think of replacing grass with gravel. It’s suitable for almost every type of garden, it’s easy maintenance and there are many types to choose from. So, if you are also wondering about renovating your garden space, this is a helpful guide on how to transition from grass to gravel.

All About Composite Decking – Construction, Pros and Cons, Maintenance, Clearance, FAQs

composite decking boards

Composite decking is among the best garden surfaces. It is a popular alternative to the traditional wood decking that homeowners go for. But if you want to preserve its look and keep it long-lasting, it will require a little bit of maintenance. As a result, you won’t end up with a slippery deck, as well as chipped or rotting boards. Apart from budget and sunlight exposure, there are a few factors you should consider when planning your project.


[VIDEO] What to Expect When You Book Our Landscaping (+ Benefits)

landscaping garden transformation service by fantastic services

Every piece of land is a canvas of possibilities. To transform it into a beautiful garden that expresses your home individuality, your best bet will be to choose a landscaping service. We can’t be more excited when a garden makeover project is coming around. Why? Because landscaping allows for nurturing a healthy client-contractor relationship by tailoring the service to the client’s needs, vision and desired results. (more…)

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