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Could Laying New Turf on Old Turf be Successful

Could Laying New Turf on Old Turf be Successful

New homeowners often consider various home improvement task, including relaying their lawn. One of the most common question on gardening forums often is “Is it possible to lay new turf over the existing lawn?”. The other frequently asked question is “Can you lay grass on concrete?“. Well, there are various opinions on the topic and it all depends on whether you want a quick for, or to establish a healthy, lush grass.

Lawn Care Tips for Spring and Summer

lawn care tips for spring and summer by fantastic services

The average gardening enthusiast will often focus on weeding and tidying up their garden in the early spring. They may also rush to buy new plant varieties in between cutting the grass at the first sunny and dry opportunity. But their lawn care efforts usually end with that, and thus, they obviously neglect important aspects of lawn maintenance. (more…)

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