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potted acer tree problems
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Common Potted Acer Tree Problems & How to Prevent Them

Acer or Maple trees come in many cultivars with dramatic foliage in various shades and colours. Some grow very tall, whereas other species are suitable for container gardening, due to their manageable small size.One thing's for sure, whether it’s a native Field maple tree (Acer campestre), Norway maple (Acer platanoides), Sycamore maple (Ace

Plants are the crown jewels of our gardens and they can enhance it in a way that only flowers can. They possess certain magic and bring not only life but also a beautiful complement of colour to green spaces. This is why choosing your flowers wisely depending on the season is a crucial factor when attending to your gardening needs. In our blog series below, we’ll provide you with some tips on the best flowers for each season, and much more on how to make the most out of the flowers in your garden so that you can get it looking immaculate and captivating.

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