Get Tips On Looking After Your Garden When Away

looking after your garden when you are away

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Fantastic Services provides help around the home, office and garden via teams of pros. These trained professionals have top qualifications and skills in their area of speciality, so it’s no surprise that they sometimes get called upon to share their expertise.

This time, it’s the Fantastic Gardeners who got the call. Garden Trade Specialist, the highly useful gardening industry news website and blog, is looking for tips on looking after your garden when away on holiday or for business.

Fantastic Services CEO and Co-Founder Rune Sovndahl gathered some advice from our pros and then sat down with Garden Trade Specialist to give them some simple tips.

For everything from the latest gardening industry news and awards to advice on Christmas gifts and garden fashions and accessories, the Garden Trade Specialist website is a really handy port of call if you’re interested in all things green-fingered.

Here you’ll find all sorts of articles relating to garden care too.

Tips for looking after your garden when away

Rune gathered a whole heap of simple but effective tips for caring for your garden when you’re away, from the Fantastic team. Some of the top ones included:

  • Lawn care – mow and trim the hedges before you head off for long periods, the Fantastic pros advise. Otherwise, you’re asking for trouble when you get home!
  • Protect plants which need it – any moveable plants can be left in a slightly more sheltered area than normal, protecting them from the sun. You can even consider covering them with fleece or some shade netting.
  • Perform a pest check – pests are one issue which really can’t wait until you get back! Unless you want to find yourself dealing with a serious infestation, always carry out a quick check before you leave. It’s no good going away to relax only to find yourself returning to an instant source of stress!

For more tips, including an ingenious method for keeping your indoor plants watered while you’re absent, you can read the full tips for looking after your garden when away article over on the Garden Trade Specialist website.

Professional gardening tips

If you really care about your garden, asking a professional for advice is always the way to go. The Fantastic Gardeners are often asked to provide some gardening tips as part of the services they provide, and they’re always happy to do so for free.

Otherwise, online resources like Garden Trade Specialist which are written by trade professionals are always your best bet!


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Last update: August 22, 2018

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