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Instagram interior shots are hugely popular. Peruse the right hashtags and your Explore page and you’ll find plenty of people looking for inspiration when decorating their own home, and even more keen to show off their own interiors to provide it.

But how do you keep your home “Insta-ready”?

Online property, home, and lifestyle magazine House Beautiful recently asked Fantastic Services CEO Rune Sovndahl if our pros had any professional cleaning tips which could help.

House Beautiful is an attractive website filled with all sorts of inspiration and information. Whether you’re looking for anything from interior decorating and renovation to property purchasing to gardening to the latest seasonal news, you’ll find something here.

So when we found out that they wanted some tips relating to household cleanliness, we were more than happy to lend a hand!

Professional cleaning tips

Because they’re used to cleaning houses of all types and sizes, our pros – the professionals who deliver all of our domestic cleaning services in London and across the UK, as well as in parts of Australia and the US – know what they’re talking about.

Some of the tips Rune collected for the article include how to:

  • Improve your classy casual suds and sparkling wine selfies – by dealing with mould! Drying mouldy areas out with a fan or good ventilation is the easiest solution, says Rune. No amount of bleach will get rid of those green and black patches as well as simply making sure your shower space is as dry as possible at all times.
  • Take the perfect “Shelfie” – it’s like a selfie, but with your shelves… get it? Trust us, you’ll know what one is when you see one! Taking photos of your display shelves is hugely popular at the moment. Rune advises completely clearing the space before dusting and polishing, and trying to be organised in your working spaces at all times.

And that’s far from all! If you want a sneaky peek at the rest though, you’ll need to peruse the article on how to keep your interior picture perfect for yourself. You can find it over on the House Beautiful website.

Instagram interior shots

The article is geared towards helping you keep your home in spotless condition without putting hours of effort in every time. But of course, there is an easier way should you happen to know any suitably… ahem… fantastic cleaning companies.

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Last update: August 22, 2018

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