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GoFantastic gets a slick new look

The molten core of an IT department.

The clash of ancient app developers and heavenly designers.

The Deus Ex Machina to all your domestic chores and don’t-want-to-do lists.

From the Fantastic planes, comes a digital entity that shall grant you futuristic superpowers.

The all-new, lightning-fast GoFantastic is here.

Download the app today and register your account with code APP2020 to receive £10 in account credits that you can use for a future booking.

We built the canonical mobile app to let you book over 100 maintenance and improvement services for your home… about 5 years ago or so.

But recently we decided to show our award-winning app some much-needed love and make it even more Fantastic!

You can use your Fantastic Account to log into GoFantastic and have complete mobile control over your domestic needs and household chores.

What’s new?

Obviously, it looks better than ever. Your friends will peek over your screen and go “HEY, WHAT IS THAT?!”

And you will find it much easier to use. After all, what is a slick presentation without any added usefulness?

You can easily book services, reschedule or cancel bookings, pay online, upload photos to better illustrate your needs, or talk to Customer Care. It’s all in the app.

We have also added a Fantastic Club section so you can manage your premium membership while you are on the go. Also, every now and then GoFantastic will tell you about amazing deals on services that you can opt for.

In other words, we are now proud to say that the complete Fantastic experience is available entirely through the GoFantastic app.

It’s swift, simple, seamless.

You can download GoFantastic from AppStore and GooglePlay.

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