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GoFantastic in VCEntrepreneur

VCEntrepreneurs Founders 360 Magazine recently spoke to Rune Sovndahl, CEO of Fantastic Services about the launch of our new booking system “GoFantastic” and talked about how it helps our clients solve some of their day-to-day problems.

As we offer more than 25 domestic and office services; with everything from cleaning and gardening to pest control and pet care, we really know how to take care of our clients’. We also know it’s equally important to take care of the professionals working with us. Rune explained to 360 that an empowered workforce is a productive and happy workforce, “We firmly believe in empowerment, and we try to build purpose into our workforce. Each and every one of our staff is proud of the work they do and have the same mindset as us. A job must be done to the best possible standard, and they are all enthusiastic about what they do. “

We also have a useful update for clients’. Our new booking system now works using real-time availability. Fantastic Services is the first in the service industry to have this functionality. Sporting a new algorithm with a green button function, it lets clients know when professionals are already going to be in their area (meaning a lower priced services for them). This also means they can book services easier and quicker, get a professional to their property in no-time-at-all, and it’s also eco-friendly. Vehicle emissions are reduced if they can service all the properties in the same area in one go.

Overall the new changes to the GoFantastic app should see clients getting quicker services and maybe even saving a few pounds!

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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