Gotta catch ’em all! Or do you…?

Pokemon Go Keepers

Fantastic Services has just launched its new Pokemon keeping service, and it’s such a good idea that even Sky News Live is talking about it!

Do you love Pokémon Go, but hate the fact that you’ve got no free time to walk around hatching eggs? Fantastic Services might just be able to help you keep up with your friends…

As all avid players known, in Pokémon Go the best Pokémon take some time walking around to hatch. But what if all that walking around didn’t have to be done by you?

Pokémon Go Tips – Hatching Eggs

Fantastic Services’ new package lets you hire your very own Pokemon Keeper to do all of the legwork for you. They’ll walk up to 10km (!) for you, collecting eggs, catching all of the Pokemon they see along the way, and – most importantly – hatching those eggs you already have.

These guys and girls have been playing from the start, so they know all the best Pokemon Go tips and tricks. They’ll soon have your squad up to scratch, ready for you to get playing properly.

This means no more having to get back up off the sofa after you’ve got home from a long day at work. And no more valuable free time potentially wasted trying to tick off those 10km before your egg hatches.

10km is currently the longest you’ll need to walk to get the most powerful eggs hatched. So this is a great way to instantly get some really strong Pokémon into your roster, ready to use to battle your friends when it becomes a feature. And to take on those annoying Lapras that seem to be at all the toughest gyms right now…

Who’s Talking About This Idea?

As soon as we put our Pokemon keeping service up, it made the news:

WIRED magazine mentioned us in an article about how to get the rarest Pokemon and catch eggs. OK! and Metro both had entire news pieces dedicated to the idea! You can check them out here and here. Fantastic Services even got a big on-air mention in Sky News Live‘s technology section.

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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