Hallow… Clean?


Halloween is one of our favourite times of year. Mainly because it gives us an excuse to wheel out all of the terrible puns we’ve been saving up! This year though, Fantastic Services is giving you a little something extra during this scary season.

Our Hallow-clean campaign is all about making sure that you can concentrate on joking about things that go bump in the night, rather than worrying about having real monsters in your closet (i.e. pests infesting your home). And West London Living – the highly rated events and lifestyle magazine – has featured our fearsomely good deal.

Short version: you can GET MONEY OFF pest control services and cleaning services with us this Halloween.

West London Living is a great resource if you’re looking for things to do in that part of the capital – or any of a wide range of fashion, food and drink, or lifestyle tips. Have a peruse for yourself – of a lunchtime, we occasionally do in the Fantastic Services offices!

Your Special Deal on Pest Control and Cleaning

The pests in your home aren’t messing around this Halloween – and neither are we.

You can take advantage of this deal for a limited time across the Halloween season, but if you need pest control in London – or in a few other select places across the country – now’s the time.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • 20% OFF pest control services – ideal for all sorts of crawling, walking, scuttling, and flying pests in any sort of property, domestic or commercial.
  • 20% OFF cleaning services too – perfect for a full clear our and spotless finish after your pest control service is complete.

Get MONEY OFF Pest Control Services

Find out just how much you could save now, by giving us a quick call on 020 3404 3444, by filling in our contact form, or by using your GoFantastic app as normal.

Simply tell the adviser you speak to that you want a Hallow-clean, and see those pounds fall off your quote!

You can check out the full “Hallow-clean” feature in West London Living for yourself by following the link.

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Last update: August 28, 2018

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