Charity begins at home, Londoners!

Holy Christ Centre Trust

We received a humbling letter of gratitude for a small act of charity we performed for the Holy Cross Centre Trust. We at Fantastic Services wish to shout out about the great work that they do. Founded in 1988, in response to the growing number of homeless in the King’s Cross area, HCCT’s aim is to help as many of society’s forgotten ones as possible. Fantastic Services have a real affinity with the work that HCCT perform.

They, as we do, believe that everybody has the right to learn and grow within society. Also, that everyone has skills and knowledge that can be put to good use. Those less fortunate rarely have an opportunity to attain their goals and reach fulfilment in life, so any help towards that has to be a great objective. To paraphrase the letter we received, HCCT works with more and more needy people each year, so every donation or act of kindness helps them achieve more. So, we would like to publicise their work, and encourage the public and other businesses to contribute with either money, or time, to the cause.

Thousands of refugees, homeless, and mental health patients have skills that we as a community need, but are currently untapped. If you look at this with a purely business mind it makes sense to capitalise on all available assets. But on a human level it is a crime to let these people slip through the cracks. We aim to help in any way we can, and would like to pledge our support to this worthy cause. It doesn’t take a lot to help, all we did was waive a service charge, we can afford this.

The trust has many training programs and services for volunteers and co-producers to help develop skills in exchange for time given to the trust. We are looking into how we can help and get involved in this wonderful and vital service to the community. We urge as many people as possible to do likewise. This is an investment in all our futures, social and business alike. Finally, we would like to thank HCCT for booking one of our services, and bringing their good work to our attention. We wish them good luck, and will definitely keep in touch.

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Last update: August 23, 2018

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