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Our homes are precious to us and spending time taking care of them can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also add value to the property. This is why we've created a series of blogs to help you address minor and major issues that your home may be faced with before they become even bigger problems. These can range from fireproofing your home to unclogging blocked sinks that can release unpleasant odours in your kitchens and bathrooms. For these and other home improvement-related topics, have a look at our blog posts below. They’ll give you great tips on some of the top home improvement strategies for your home.

Most recent articles in Home Improvement

  • How to Fix a Broken Pipe

    If your house was a living organism, the pipe system would be its veins and arteries. We bet you didn’t expect us to open with this. Well, putting aside the vivid comparison, as a homeowner, you should take the “health” of your pipes very seriously. Because once there’s a problem, it can be a nightmare, as it may take several days to fix. (more…)

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  • Noisy Washing Machine When Spinning (Possible Causes)

    There isn’t a single case in the history of appliances, in which a machine has started to make weird noises and it meant something positive. Your washer is no exception from this rule. This sort of appliance is expensive to replace and it’s never a good idea to ignore issues such as these. In this article, we’ve gathered information on all the probable causes for a noisy washing machine and how to test the appliance to determine the exact nature of the problem. (more…)

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  • What Electrical Work Can You do Yourself?

    Sometimes electricians are simply unavailable in your area and you’re left with an electrical failure that just ruins your day. So, why shouldn't you try to fix the problem yourself? Well, the Fantastic Services team advises proceeding with great caution, because electrical work isn’t for everybody and much less if you’re someone with no comprehensive training whatsoever. (more…)

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  • How to Fireproof Your Home

    Even in today’s modern age, fires are a potential threat to our family, pets and property. In order to reduce the chances of a fire hazard, the Fantastic Services team has put up this quick guide on how to fireproof your home and stay safe. It’s not a one-off thing you have to do, but you need to develop constant awareness and get used to all-year-round safety practices. (more…)

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  • How to Stop a Washing Machine From Vibrating on a Wooden Floor

    One day, out of the complete blue, your washing machine decides to start dancing around your home while cleaning your clothes. Sure, this may seem like a good sign to just replace the thing with a new one but wait for a sec. Put that wallet back in your pocket and hear us out: there are certain measures you can take in order to stop your appliance from vibrating every time you turn it on. (more…)

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