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How to Fireproof Your Home

How to Fireproof Your Home

Even in today’s modern age, fires are a potential threat to our family, pets and property. In order to reduce the chances of a fire hazard, the Fantastic Services team has put up this quick guide on how to fireproof your home and stay safe. It’s not a one-off thing you have to do, but you need to develop constant awareness and get used to all-year-round safety practices. (more…)

How to Stop a Washing Machine From Vibrating on a Wooden Floor

washing machine walkies

One day, out of the complete blue, your washing machine decides to start dancing around your home while cleaning your clothes. Sure, this may seem like a good sign to just replace the thing with a new one but wait for a sec. Put that wallet back in your pocket and hear us out: there are certain measures you can take in order to stop your appliance from vibrating every time you turn it on. (more…)

Should I Use Plywood or MDF?

Should I Use Plywood or MDF

Every building material on the market has its specifics and plywood and MDF are definitely not an exception from this rule. If you are wondering which one of the two to use in your planned home renovation project or you are a passionate DIY-er, who just wants to learn more, you are definitely in the right place. (more…)

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