How long do Christmas trees last? Which real Christmas tree lasts the longest? How often do you have to water your Christmas tree? We always ask these and other related questions each and somehow we never know the answer.

Maybe it’s too complicated or maybe it’s just the information itself. It’s scattered randomly all across the internet. With that in mind, we made this short post in hopes to answer the most common questions people ask every Christmas. So, let’s get started.

How do you look after real Christmas trees?

There are two answers to this question. One concerns a cut Christmas tree, the other – a Christmas tree in a pot.

  • Cut trees can last up until a month, maybe a little bit more, provided you take good care of them. This is how to look after your real Christmas tree.
  • Potted trees need to stay at low temperatures at all times. If you bring them inside, make sure it’s no longer than 12-13 days. If you keep it inside longer, it might not be able to adjust to the cold.

How long do real Christmas trees last indoors?

How long do real Christmas trees last inside depends on several factors:

  • Having the right tree stand. It allows you to not whittle the tree trunk to the appropriate size. The outer layers of wood absorb water best, so you shouldn’t damage them. If the tree trunk is too big for the stand you currently have, simply buy a larger stand.
  • Appropriate watering. Your tree stand must be full of water at all times, so the tree can drink as much as it wants.
  • Fertilising. Don’t add fertilising of any kind to your tree.
  • Sources of heat. Keep the tree away from sources of heat so they wouldn’t get dry too quickly.

Based on these factors, your real Christmas tree will last from 4 to 6 weeks.

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How long will a cut Christmas tree last outside?

It will last several days, depending on when you cut it and where you keep it. It’s safe to say your real tree will last until you decide to put it up, several days before Christmas, as long as you keep it in a cool and clean environment.

Keep in mind, though, you will have to recut the tree trunk. When air reaches the cut, the exposed cells will block any water intake. To answer the question shortly: several days, still the sooner you provide the tree with water, the better.

When should you put up or take down a real Christmas tree?

There is no strict rule, only recommendations. According to the BCTGA “trees should not be purchased earlier than 1st December”. Most Brits put their Christmas trees up around the 3rd of December. Other people like to put up their trees about 12-13 days before Christmas. Frankly, it depends on your tree. If you have a Nordmann fir you can easily keep it up for the entire month of December. If you have a Norway Spruce it would be best if you put it up as close to Christmas as possible. Check our Christmas tree buying guide if you still don’t have one.

According to the UK tradition, our Christmas decorations come down on the Twelfth Night, simply known as the 5th of January. This date is considered the last day of Christmas festivities and the eve of the Epiphany. It was once believed spirits lived inside decorative Christmas plants. Those spirits need to be released once the festivities were over.

It is sometimes debated which date is actually the Twelfth Night. Some people say it’s the 5th, others say it’s the 6th. The 6th of January is the day of Epiphany anyway, so one way or another, by then you should have gotten rid of your Christmas tree. You can opt-in for Christmas tree disposal from us after the holidays, just make sure to contact us three days in advance so we can arrange the service.

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In need of a Christmas tree?

To make this holiday season less stressful, you can get in touch with the Fantastic Services support team and purchase the Christmas tree delivery and installation services. You can even include a Christmas tree disposal after the holidays. A team of professionals will carry out the delivery and tree setup. Once the holidays have passed, you need not worry about what to do with your evergreen. The team can collect the tree and recycle it.

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  • Real Christmas trees last about a month indoors, but if you take good care of them, they could last longer;
  • A cut Christmas tree would last sever days outside, however, you would have to cut the end of the stem before putting it up inside.

So there you have it, your questions concerning how long do Christmas trees last have been answered. Whether it’s the type of tree, its qualities or when’s the best time to put it up, you can always refer to this guide.

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  • Last update: November 6, 2019

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