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How Long Does End of Tenancy Cleaning Take

The day has come for you to move out of your rented place, and you are extremely excited. A new beginning is waiting for you. Maybe you’re moving in with a loved one, or you’re moving for your dream job, or perhaps both.


There’s this final cleaning that’s dreading you.

Should you do it yourself? Is it worth it to get a professional end of tenancy cleaning service? How much will each cost you? How long does end of tenancy cleaning usually take? We’ll answer all of these questions and more!

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If you are:

  • Moving out of your rented place;
  • Considering whether to go the DIY route or get a professional service;
  • Wondering how long does an end of tenancy cleaning take;

Keep reading, this article is for you!

What is end of tenancy cleaning?

At the end of each tenancy, the tenant is required to clean up the rented place and leave it in the state they’ve found it upon moving in. Only then will the landlord return the deposit money. These are the standard terms of any tenancy contract. 

Of course, your contract might be a bit different and include a more detailed clause about the end of the tenancy. So before you start doing anything, read your contract carefully for any specific clarifications.

End of tenancy cleaning is also a specialized service offered by different cleaning service providers. It follows a specific deep clean routine checklist that refreshes the entire property and makes it presentable for inspection. This service also guarantees a tenant’s deposit money back. 

How long does the end of tenancy cleaning take?

Short answer – one whole day. Long answer – it depends. 

End of tenancy cleaning is not like the regular clean you do every week. It’s a deep clean routine that takes time. How long it would take depends on the size and state of your property, as well as whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a cleaning team. In both cases, free up one full day to make sure you cover every important task. 

If you go DIY

If you decide to clean by yourself, you’ll have to gather the right tools. Dusting and hoovering is not enough. If you have carpets, you’ll have to steam clean them. The kitchen will take up the most time, as you will have to clean all your appliances inside and out. The oven alone could take you an hour and that’s if you chose the right cleaning product. Don’t forget to gear up with a face mask and rubber gloves!

If you go the DIY route, you’ll need to give yourself a full day to make sure the property is spotless. Check our end of tenancy cleaning checklist, which can help you clean through the property by breaking down what needs to be cleaned in every room, including the small details that are easy to forget.

If you go professional

If you book a cleaning company, the specialists will work as long as it takes to guarantee your deposit back. They will arrive prepared with all the right tools, including a steam cleaner for your carpet and the right cleaning product for your oven. They also work faster and will most likely finish the job in less than a day. You should never get a domestic cleaner for end of tenancy cleaning, as they will be less thorough than the end of tenancy cleaners.

Need a professional end of tenancy cleaning service?

Fantastic Services is here for you!

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Do you need to hire end of tenancy cleaners?

No, at least not anymore. Back in the day, most contracts used to state that you HAVE TO book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service, but those days are long gone. Nowadays contracts state that you don’t have to hire professionals to carry out the end of tenancy clean. Just bear in mind that your landlord requires the same level of cleanliness as it was documented in the move-in inventory report. How you achieve it is up to you.

However, if you decide to clean the place yourself, there will be no guarantee you will achieve the wanted result. You’ll need to have your check-in inventory report as a guide. And even then, there is no guarantee that the landlord will find your work acceptable. This is the cause of 56% of landlord and tenant disputes. That’s why it’s advisable to leave the end of tenancy cleaning to the professionals.

End of tenancy cleaning is vital to get your deposit back

If you don’t have time to clean up your rented property by yourself, or if your contract requires for you to hire a professional cleaning team, then you can always rely on Fantastic Services. We will guarantee your deposit back from your landlord, so you can part ways on good terms. You can also call us again in three days time for a free re-clean if your landlord is not satisfied with the job. 

Visit the main website for price rates on our professional end of tenancy cleaners!


  • If you want your deposit back at the end of your tenancy, it’s important to leave your rented place in the same state of cleanliness as when you moved in;
  • If your contract states that you HAVE TO hire a cleaning company for the end of tenancy clean, then you have to hire one. If it doesn’t, you could try to clean up the place yourself. However, this does not guarantee your deposit back;
  • An end of tenancy clean would most probably take up a whole day, but depending on the size and state of your place, and whether you hire professionals, it could take less.


Have you ever had to book an end of tenancy cleaner when moving out? Did you get your deposit back? Tell us in the comments!

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