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How Much Does Artificial Grass Installation Cost in the UK on Average?

Many house owners can agree on one thing, without blinking an eye: One of the most tedious and time-consuming garden maintenance jobs is taking care of the grass. And all for what? As soon as the colder months settle in, your beloved garden turns into a sad brown memory of what it was. But what if we told you that there is a way to keep your lawn looking on point all year round? Two words: Artificial grass.

You may be thinking that all of this sounds pretty good… But how much does fake grass installation cost? Don’t worry, we got this one covered.

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If you:

  • Are planning on installing artificial grass;
  • Want to know how much it costs;
  • Are interested in the benefits of fake turf,

Then read on!

In this article, we’re going to discuss all of the factors that determine the cost of installing artificial grass, what its benefits are and other most commonly asked questions.

What are the pricing factors of artificial grass?

Here are all of the major price-determining aspects of false grass installation, you need to keep in mind, before you decide whether to invest in this lawn solution:

  • Ground preparation – One of the main things that many people tend to forget, is that you need to remove and dispose of the natural turf, first, before laying the new synthetic grass. This brings them to the wrong conclusion that buying the artificial grass itself is expensive. Also, another point to consider is that the price for the ground preparation mainly depends on the size of the area. If you want to save a bit of cash, you can always DIY it.
  • Labour and delivery – If you get a professional to deliver and install your new lawn solution, the price will go noticeably up, because of the artificial grass labour cost. Of course, if you feel confident enough, you can always install the false grass yourself and benefit from a man and van service just for the transport of the rows. Keep in mind, that the installation of artificial grass requires special skills. If not careful, you’re likely to end up with an untidy and prone to wear and tear lawn.
  • Size of the garden – One might be thinking that the bigger the garden, the heftier the price, but not in this case. Small-sized synthetic lawns tend to be on the expensive side, due to the fact that the price is calculated by artificial grass per square metre. If you have a lawn above 50 sq metres, you’ll get a considerably cheaper price. However, artificial grass takes 1-2 days to install for a garden with a size of about 30 – 40 square metres. Bigger ones can take up to as close to a week.
  • Unusual shapes and curves – If your garden has an unusual shape or more curves, your artificial grass material cost will be a bit more, due to the fact that there would be most likely extra wastage.
  • The quality of the grass strands – The quality of synthetic turf highly depends on the way of how the individual strands of plastic are manufactured. The best looking type of artificial grass is the one, which you can’t distinguish from real turf. And, of course, it’s also definitely on the more expensive side. Basically, you have 3 options in terms of quality: budget-range, mid-range and high-range. Budget artificial grass is around £10 per sq mtr, mid-range is £20 per sq mtr, delivery included, while high-quality false grass can reach a price point of £40 per mtr, delivered.
  • Additional materials – Well, you can save a bit of money by not purchasing some of the materials. But there will be stuff that you couldn’t skip buying, because it’s vital for the process of installation. Those items can be adhesives, joining materials, base materials to level out the ground and so on. Overall, they won’t make a dent in your wallet, but still, they will fatten up the end price.

Weighing the different factors above, the country-wide UK average price for artificial grass installation stands between £40 and £75 per square m. So, if you are looking at covering an area of 50 sq metres, you will have to pay between £1500 for low to mid-range grass and £5000 for high-quality turf.

Our gardening branch’s extensive portfolio includes a large number of artificial grass installations. In many cases, clients choose to upgrade to entire landscaping solution for their homes, which includes the installation of additional materials, such as decking, or fencing.

You can see various landscaping projects, as well as turfing jobs we’ve done in the past here (link opens Fantastic Gardener’s projects page in a new tab), and, if you have any questions or enquiries about our landscaping and turfing service, visit our dedicated page.

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How is imitation grass professionally installed?

Here is how the process of installing artificial grass is performed:

  • First, the site where you want the new grass installed needs to be cleared. Any sort of rocks or vegetation should be taken cared of, so a clean working area is achieved.
  • Then, the lawn is leveled. This process involves digging up and adding soil and then, flattening it.
  • Before a frame is installed, a layer of an anti-weed membrane is put on top of the lawn, in order to stop weeds from disturbing the imitation grass.
  • A frame of joist filled up with sharp sand is installed for more stability and durability.
  • Finally, the artificial grass is laid on top and secured with a special adhesive, which helps to keep the new turf in place.
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But can’t I just install the artificial grass myself?

You can always take a DIY approach to the project, but there are certain situations that are better off handled by a professional landscape gardener. If the turf that you are planning to get artificial grass for is on the rocky side or uneven, the prep work will take more of your time and will require a lot of hard work and effort. That’s the reason why it’s definitely better to call a professional.

Benefits of artificial grass

There was a time when people laughed over the idea of artificial grass and called it “tacky”, but those days are over, thanks to the improved quality of turf material out there. Curious about why so many homeowners choose fake grass over natural one? Here are all of the benefits of the product:

  • There is no need to plant and wait for grass seeds to grow.
  • It’s really easy on the budget, no matter if you are looking to update a small or big garden.
  • You can actually customise your lawn. Artificial grass comes in a huge variety of colours, stem lengths, blends and thicknesses.
  • As soon as you install the base for the fake grass, you can change the turf quick and easy with minimum damage to your wallet.
  • You can install it yourself. Keep in mind that like with all things, it’s still better to call a professional.
  • You almost don’t have to lift your finger in terms of maintenance.

If you hesitate between real or artificial grass, read our article that compares both solutions here.

Most frequently asked questions about imitation grass

How to lay artificial grass?

Whether or not you decide to do it yourself, or hire an expert, you have to be familiar with the process. Check our handy guide so when the time comes, you will be prepared.

Can I lay turf over existing turf?

Yes, it’s a possible solution, but definitely not a recommended one. Here you can find more information about why you shouldn’t lay false grass over existing turf.

Can I lay turf over concrete?

If you are wondering if it’s a possibility to lay turf over concrete, the answer is – yes. If you wish to find more information on the matter, read our detailed guide here.


  • There are many factors that make up the price of installation, such as ground preparation, the size of the property and the quality of the grass.
  • The average price is around £40 – £75 per square metre.
  • While you can choose to install the grass yourself, some situations call for professional help.
  • Artificial grass is low maintenance, looks good all year round and is easy on the budget.

Installing artificial grass is a process that requires a specific range of skills that, at times, even the most dedicated DIYers don’t possess. That’s why we advise you to get a professional to do the job for you so you can enjoy a magazine worthy garden.


If you have any additional helpful tips, general thoughts about the matter or personal experience with artificial grass installation,  feel free to comment in the section below. We hope you found this article helpful and happy gardening!

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