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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower in the UK

Whether you’re upgrading your old shower, renovating your bathroom or placing a first ever shower in your newly bought home, a few factors will affect the final price when you cost out. You will need to consider not only the price of the shower itself but also all the labour that goes into installing it.

We have gathered for you the key points that will help you have a better understanding of the shower installation costs.

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So if you:

  • Are considering to change your shower
  • Want to find out the cost of a shower installation
  • Are wondering what goes into the shower installation quote

Keep on reading to figure out how much installing a shower actually costs. To start off, let’s review the average price for fitting a shower, depending on its type.

How much does it cost to install a shower?

It’s best to start by setting a budget for your new shower and pin down what characteristics you will look for in the unit. This way you will narrow down your options and make it easier to find the type of shower that will best suit your needs.

It’s also important to consider that the type of shower you decide on will impact the shower installation cost. Different units require different amounts of labour. The labour cost, charged usually by the plumber at hourly rates, will vary between different companies and individuals.

Electric shower installation costs

Electric showers are compact and easy to install. This type of unit connects directly to the cold water supply, meaning it doesn’t need hot water from a boiler. An electric shower rapidly heats water as it passes through, providing hot water instantly. Electric showers are great if you’re looking to save on your electricity bill.

  • Average cost for a new electric shower: £50 – £450
  • Average cost of labour to install an electric shower: up to £200

Power Shower Installation Cost

A power shower is one that provides strong water pressure. It uses an internal pump that increases the pressure, which makes them ideal for homes with weak water pressure. The power shower will need to be connected to a cold and hot water supply. This type of unit is known to use up a larger volume of water.

  • Average cost for a new power shower: £100 – £500
  • Average cost of labour to install a power shower: £350

Mixer shower installation cost

As the name suggests, a mixer shower is one that mixes cold and hot water to achieve the temperature of your liking. This unit will depend on a boiler to provide the hot water, as it has no internal heating elements like the electric shower does. However on the plus side, it does have the added benefit of boasting stronger water pressure than an electric shower.

  • Average cost for a new mixer shower: £150 – £300
  • Average cost of labour to install a mixer shower: £150

Thermostatic shower installation cost

The thermostatic shower is a great solution for homes with elderly people or children. This type of shower has a system of temperature sensors and valves that prevent rapid changes in the water temperature. By regulating the temperature of the water before it even leaves the head, this unit will eliminate the risk of scalding. In return for its safety features, this type of shower will require a high pressure water supply.

  • Average cost for a new thermostatic shower: £150 – £300
  • Average cost of labour to install a thermostatic shower: £200

Digital shower installation cost

Digital showers take the lead when it comes to price, being the most expensive type of shower on the market. This unit has a LED control panel from which you can control the temperature of the water down to the degree, the shower head outlet, etc. Many digital showers also pair with a phone app or even voice assistant. A lot of digital showers come with an eco mode or motion sensors that reduce the flow thus saving water.

  • Average cost for a new digital shower: £250 – £1000
  • Average cost of labour to install a digital shower: £300 – £600

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Factors that affect the cost of a new shower installation?

There are certain specifics to each service that affect the final price. When it comes to the cost of fitting a shower, here’s what will play a major role:

Type of Shower

When it comes to the cost of installing a shower, the main factor that will have an impact on the final price is the new shower you’re getting. Also, you need to consider if you will replace the head only or go with a whole new shower, change the shower cable or maybe include a shower tray. Nowadays there are so many options on the market with prices varying from about £100 to £1000. It’s crucial to do proper research before you make your final decision, so you don’t end up paying a large amount of money for an appliance that won’t fit with your needs or bathroom.

Plumbing Work

Depending on your bathroom condition or renovation project, a lot more work can go into fitting your shower.

Especially with older bathrooms, it is possible that the plumber comes across leaks or other issues that will need to be addressed before the new shower is installed. Other tasks, such as tiling or repiping, will have an impact on the total cost of your bathroom project.

Ease of Access

Bathrooms vary greatly when it comes to size and layout. You could have this beautiful idea for a new shower, however, the bathroom layout may not be in favour of your vision.

To make the process of fitting a new shower smoother, it’s best to first discuss any changes you want to make to your bathroom with a plumber or bathroom designer. With their professional experience, they will be able to give you the most efficients options. This way you will avoid any unexpected costs, related to buying a shower that is not suitable for your bathroom space.


Prices will of course vary, depending on where you’re located. Your cost for fitting a shower can be as much as three times more in the City of London compared to what you will pay for the same job in Fulham or Enfield.

Who to hire to install my new shower?

Installing your new shower by yourself comes with a certain amount of joy and also pride having successfully completed this tricky plumbing task. It also saves you a good amount of money, which in the midst of a renovation project is always helpful. Sometimes, however, it’s best to turn to a qualified expert.

If you have selected a shower that requires both water and electricity, such as a digital shower, it’s mandatory you have a Part P-certified plumber install it. Safety comes first when working with electrics. A seasoned professional will also have all the necessary tools to complete the installation effortlessly, so you don’t have to spend extra money on fancy tools you’ll likely use only once. 

The trained eye of a certified and experienced plumber can spot potential issues with the pipes and fix them, while installing your shower. This will save you a lot of resources opposed to missing a leak and having to uninstall your unit not even a week after it had been fitted.


  • Seek advice from either a professional plumber or bathroom designer before purchasing your new shower.
  • The cost of installing your shower will depend on the type of shower, the ease of access and plumbing work that will go into the project, and your location.
  • The type of shower will affect the labour costs, as the different types require different amounts of work put into fitting them.
  • Hire professional plumbing help to avoid complications when fitting your shower.

What type of shower do you currently have in your bathroom? Would you replace it with the same unit or upgrade to a different one? Why not tell us in the comments below?

Image source: Oleg Shishkov/shutterctock.com

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