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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Shower Mixer Valve?

Renovating? Upgrading? Fixing a problem? Shower valve replacement can be a good idea for all kinds of reasons.

But if you haven’t considered the costs and other factors involved, it’s worth thinking through the issue a little before you get started.

What type of shower mixer valve do you have? What type do you want? What’s your budget like? Let’s explore.

This article is for you if:

  • You want to renovate your bathroom
  • You want to upgrade your shower, switching from one type to another
  • You constantly need to deal with plumbers because of shower problems

What are the different types of shower mixer valves?

  • Manual mixer – the traditional type of shower mixer where you turn the dial right and left to set the temperature. The water comes from the boiler in your home.
  • Thermostatic shower mixer – this type of shower valve is designed to regulate and minimise unlooked-for changes in water temperature while the shower is in use.
  • Digital shower mixer – use the display to set your shower to a certain temperature and your digital shower mixer will make sure it stays that way. You can also sometimes get remote controls for even greater luxury!
  • Smart shower mixer – similar to digital showers, smart showers also usually pair with a mobile phone app, smart home device, or otherwise allow you to create your own shower profiles of preferred temperatures as well as choose from pre-set “moods” or “styles”.

Shower valve replacement costs – what are they?

One of the key factors determining most people’s choice of shower valve replacement is cost. The price of each type of mixer varies – as do the rates for installing them.

For example, you can get a concealed shower valve replacement that hides whatever technology or machinery is involved. But this tends to involve more installation work – things like tiling and pipework if it’s not taking place at the same time as a full bathroom renovation – and tends to cost more because of it.

You might also consider any additional work that might be needed in terms of pipework adjustments if you’re replacing the type of shower you currently have with a different model.

On the plus side, you can minimise shower mixing valve replacement cost if your shower has an access panel.

The benefits of different shower mixers

Manual Shower Mixer

Simple in design but straightforward and often very powerful, classic manual shower mixers come in a wide range of varieties and appearances so you can match them to your bathroom’s décor with ease.

The water is that which is generated by your home’s boiler. This means there is sometimes a slight issue where the hot water can tail off in temperature. There can also be bursts of hot or cold water in some properties when other water demands are made on the system (someone running a tap elsewhere in the house, for example).

The average like-for-like replacement cost for a manual shower mixer could be up to £150. The supply cost could vary from £50 – £440.

Thermostatic Shower Mixer

A popular upgrade for old-school manual mixers, a thermostatic shower mixer is much better at regulating the temperature of the water.

You might get a slight change in temperature if someone runs a tap somewhere else, but this is minimised. This makes them ideal for busy homes or families with children.

Thermostatic showers do require a certain level of water pressure, but you can have yours boosted with a pump if necessary. The only other downside is cost, as they are a little more expensive than manual shower mixer options.

The supply costs of a thermostatic shower mixer depends on the model and could be anywhere from £50 to £200. You can expect to pay up to £200 for the labour.

Digital Shower Mixer

Modern digital technology applied to a shower mixer gives you a little something on top of the thermostatic option.

The digital shower keeps your shower water at the temperature you’ve set – the setting is done either through the display that’s part of the device or via some kind of remote control for ultimate luxury – and isn’t impacted by other demands on your water system.

The supply costs of your digital shower could reach up to £500, based on the model and functions. The replacement costs may reach up to £400.

Smart Shower Mixer

The very latest in shower technology is the smart shower. This is the type of shower mixer valve replacement you probably want if you have Amazon’s Alexa or any other kind of smart home system installed.

Usually easy to integrate with these systems and also controllable by a smartphone app, these mixers come with pre-defined shower types you might enjoy and also let you create your own profile so you get your perfect shower every time. The labour costs for replacing your smart shower mixer may reach up to £400.

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Can I replace a shower valve myself?

Many people looking to save money on their shower valve replacement consider a DIY option at one time or another. After all, if you cut out the labour time involved, that can dramatically cut the overall cost of your upgrade.

But, while this approach is obviously cheaper in the short term, if you don’t have experience handling this kind of project yourself, the long-term costs in the form of potential installation errors or other damage caused along the way are rarely worth it.

Good potential money-savers are choosing perhaps a classic manual or thermostatic mixer to install rather than the latest smart shower model. A bad way to try to save money is a botched DIY installation that causes leaks.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shop around for recommendations of reliable local service providers who have a reputation for being cost-effective as well as efficient and safe though.


  • There are several different options when it comes to shower valve replacement
  • Manual mixers are powerful but have limitations, while thermostatic mixers can be great for busy homes
  • Digital and smart mixers tend to be more expensive but come with additional features
  • Installing your shower valve yourself to save on costs is usually a bad idea
  • Checking reviews of local service providers is always a good idea

Did that answer all your questions about how much it costs to replace a shower mixer valve? Comment below to get a swift, expert response if you need to find out more!

Image source: Alexa Mat/shutterctock.com

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