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How Much Should Boiler Service Cost – Making Sure Your Boiler Is Healthy

The boiler is the bread and butter of the home. Not only does it heat our homes on those cold winter nights, but it also gives us almost instant access to hot water. No one wants to take a cold bath or shower now, do they? 

So it makes sense that we want to make sure that it remains healthy, and this is precisely what a boiler service does. Not only does it help maintain your appliance, but it helps protect against the hefty charges applied when replacing a boiler. 

So, if you:

  • want to keep a careful eye on the health of your boiler;
  • want to identify any of the problems that your boiler has;
  • want a regular yearly service;

Then read on! 

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service is a series of tests and readings, which determines the effectiveness, health and efficiency of a boiler. A gas safe engineer will arrive at your property and will check for: 

  • Potential leaks caused by faulty valves;
  • Issues with the body of the boiler, including cracks or lesions;
  • Potential seal replacements to prevent flue gas leaks;
  • Ignition and heat exchanger check;
  • FGA (Flue Gas Analyser), in which the combustor and burner pressure are within safe limits.

Extra checks can be made to complement the standard boiler service, like bleeding the radiators, making sure they heat properly and also checking for leaks. 

Boiler service cost

So, now that we’ve gone over what you can expect from boiler service, let’s look at the actual costs! As an example, we’ll show you our prices for this, so without further ado:

Boiler ServiceFrom £86
Boiler Service PlusFrom £98
Boiler Service and Landlord CertificateFrom £182

You have probably noticed the boiler service plus option. As mentioned above, you can make requests for extra checks to be made to your radiators, which is included in the plus variety of our boiler service. 

Why should you get a boiler service?

Regular boiler services are great for maintaining the health of your appliance.Potential problems can be identified before they become a bigger issue down the line. Not only is this beneficial for your pocket, but it’s better for your boiler too. Think of a boiler service as a preemptive strike. Namely, in that, there will be less chance of you needing your boiler repaired if the problems are spotted and fixed early. 

It’s suitable for any make and model

The Fantastic engineers are qualified to check any make or model. Whether you have a combi or gas boiler, Vaillant or Borsch, you’ll be in safe hands. Regardless of the model used, the same rigorous safety standards are followed when carrying out an annual service. 

Boiler service for landlords

Generally speaking, the boiler service is the exact same for a landlord as it is for a regular customer, the only difference is, you’ll receive a gas safety certificate for your boiler as long as it meets the requirements. Gas safety certificates are a necessity for rental properties, as you are required by law to supply them to any would-be tenants

Gas safety certificates ensure that any gas appliances within a rental property are safe to use. So, why not kill two birds with one stone? Make sure your boiler is in tip-top condition and get a safety certificate too. Do keep in mind, safety certificates last for a year, so you’ll need to carry out a boiler service every year. 

Cover plans

Regular servicing will help maintain the health of your boiler, but it won’t be able to spot or prevent every problem. Boilers can be fickle, especially if you’re working with an older boiler, meaning, eventually, you’ll still have to carry out some sort of maintenance. 

That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a boiler cover plan. Not only will it help keep repair costs down if your boiler goes on the fritz, but it also comes with a number of bonuses depending on what monthly plan you pick. Plus, you get a free yearly boiler service, so you’ll still be regularly informed of your boiler’s health.

For rental properties, landlord boiler cover is also an option. You get everything included in the regular service and a gas safety certificate. 

Boiler service for older boilers

The older a boiler gets, the more problems that will arise over time. That’s why a boiler service might be especially useful if you own a relic of a boiler. Regardless of the age of a boiler, servicing can extend their lifetimes massively. This is equally true of older boilers.

That being said, if you experience regular problems with an old boiler, it might be worthwhile simply getting a newer model. Replacing an old boiler may be more economical in the long run too, especially if you’re frequently shelling out for repairs.  

Need your boiler serviced? 

We, at Fantastic Services, are happy to help! We offer annual boiler services, regardless of the type of boiler you have. From conventional boilers to combis, gas and oil, we’ve got you covered. Plus, if any problems are noticed, the engineer is able to apply simple fixes, like replacing any broken or faulty seals. 

Engineers are available on any day of the week and depending on the availability of appointments, can even carry out a service on the very same day.

Need a boiler service?

Get a gas safe registered engineer today!

Add a valid postcode e.g. SE1 2TH


  • Boiler services are crucial for the maintenance of your boiler.
  • Boiler services can also provide a gas safe certificate to landlords.
  • The service usually takes around 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Suitable for any make and model, whether new or old.


We hope you found our article helpful! For any questions about the service or costs, leave a comment with us below. 

Image Source: Shutterstock / Ruslan Ivantsov

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