Moving and Packing Tips

How to Choose Your Moving Date

Once you are done with all the viewings and have chosen the property you like, you are one step closer to moving into a new home. Before the excitement of packing takes over, it is important to choose a moving day. Your moving date will predetermine when you should start preparing all of your personal belongings for packing and booking removals service. Even though it might seem easy to set a date, various external factors can be at play and affect the date when you can actually move.

So, if you:

  • Want to avoid the stress of moving and plan your moving date ahead; 
  • Still considering if weekday or weekend moving is better;
  • Wondering what is the best day to move?

Then, keep on reading! Follow these tips, and you’ll be relaxing in your new place before you know it.

Planning your move-in date

Various circumstances can push you to switch your house. Regardless of how much you wish for the move to go smoothly, things get a bit more complicated when more than one party is involved. Whether you aren’t happy with your current housing, are planning to expand your family or simply want a change of scenery, you will need to consider the needs of all the parties involved in the move.

Apart from the needs of people involved in the relocation, you also shouldn’t forget about different factors that can delay or on the opposite, urge the moving in.

All of this can be quite overwhelming, however, with proper planning, you will be able to choose the best move-in date. The following question will help you compose a proper plan of action for your relocation. Things to consider when choosing a moving date:

Do you have an active tenancy agreement?

If you are living in a rental property, you have a contract that clearly states your obligations as a tenant. If you plan to vacate the property before the end of your tenancy, the agreement should state when you have to give notice to your landlord. Some tenancy agreements have a ‘break clause’ of six months if any of the sides would like to terminate the lease. Make sure to check all the specifics of your contract.

Also, your rental agreement should describe your responsibilities, in terms of returning the property in rentable condition. Carefully read your rental agreement to understand what work should be done, in order to receive your deposit back. Is there any advice on how clean the rental property needs to be? See a full list of what has to be cleaned in our end-of-tenancy cleaning checklist.

Or maybe you need to paint the rooms, for instance, or patch some holes you made to hang pictures? All of that requires time and planning.

Think carefully about all the things that need to be done before you vacate your current place –  this will give a rough idea of when to schedule your moving date.

How to choose a moving date as a buyer

No matter how much we wish for the buying process to go fast and smoothly, transferring ownership of property is a complex procedure that requires the cooperation of all the sides involved. Depending on the buyer’s and seller’s circumstances the whole process can last for months.

Usually, the house-buying process in the UK goes as follows:

  • Assuming that you already have all the finances sorted out, just finding a perfect home and making an offer can take months;
  • Once your offer has been accepted and before you buy the property, your conveyancer (if there is one) will need to conduct a survey of the property to identify any red flags and potential problems with it. Around the same time, you can expect to start negotiating a completion date with the seller. On average, the whole process takes 12 weeks;
  • When your contract has been drafted and all the negotiations completed, it’s time for the contract exchange. The contract exchange can take up to a month. As part of the exchange, all the parties agree on the completion date;
  • If everything goes as planned and you pick up the keys from your new home, you are legally allowed to move to the property starting from the completion date.

On average, the house-buying process takes from five months to a year. However, this is just a generic representation of the conveyancing process. Use this information to have a better idea of what you might experience and how much time it can take before you can start planning your moving date.

Does your new place need renovation?

Once you have the keys to your new home, it’s time to line up your removal company and organise packing, right? Well, not exactly. 

Depending on the conditions you get your home in, it might require renovation. And unfortunately, renovations can be somewhat unpredictable. You need to be aware of the issues that a house might have and create a clear plan of action to know when you can plan your moving date.

If you are working with contractors, ask them to give you a plan for every single job that they intend to undertake. As professionals, they need to have an estimation of how long the renovation can take. Try to work out a realistic timeframe with the contractors.

However, you should know that delays are common. Such unexpected issues, like materials being out of stock, contractors running behind schedule, other unforeseen factors and even bad weather, can postpone the end date of the project.

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Relocating and changing schools at the same time

For family members, who are working full-time, it can be challenging to find time to prepare everything. Unless you are flexible with your working hours, you might need to plan your days off from work, and it’s not always easy.  

Moreover, if you have school-aged children, choosing a moving date can be even more challenging. Before planning the moving date, talk to teachers and administrators about the current curriculum to figure out if they are at a crucial point during their time at school. Pulling children out mid-term can have a huge impact on performance and adaptation to the new place.

For these reasons, many plan their moving date during the summer vacation season. This way, parents aren’t worried about disrupting their children’s schoolwork and it’s usually easier to take a couple of days off work during the summer months. 

Do you get a day off for moving house in the UK?

Does the law give you a day off if you are moving house? No, employees are not provided with a mandatory right to take time off for moving.

And finally, the most popular days to move house in the UK

Last year we analysed the data from over 10 years of our experience in the removal business and highlighted the moving patterns across the UK. The following data may help you identify the best time for your moving date:

  • The majority of people prefer to relocate in the morning – from 8:00 to 10:00 AM. The next most popular slot is from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. If you can move during one of the weekdays, the best will be to opt for an afternoon move-in time. This will help you avoid the morning traffic and save some nerves. On the other hand, a morning relocation gives you the whole day to unpack your belongings.
  • The best days of the week for relocating are Saturday, Friday and Sunday apparently. It is a no-brainer that people can spare more time by the end of the week. Having a relocation booked for these days can be a bit harder, but not impossible. You just need to remember to make a booking in advance.
  • If you still haven’t decided on the preferred month to relocate, the most popular months to move houses, according to our data, are July, August and September. The holiday season allows people to plan their days off easily, and warm sunny days make relocations less stressful.

These statistics may give you a better idea of what others in your situation do, as well as help you decide on the best time to relocate and choose the perfect moving date. If you would like to know more about it, check our helpful article:

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Choose a reliable removals company

When deciding on a moving day, make sure to choose a removal company that is known for its proficiency in home relocations. The experienced removal teams, Fantastic Services work with, can assist you in every step of the relocation process. The moving experts are able to handle a variety of relocations with the utmost care and attention to your needs, no matter if it is a local or international move.  

Upon request, they can deal with such tasks, as disassembling and assembling furniture, supplying you with moving boxes and helping you pack, as well as providing you with storage solutions. No need to waste your precious time on tedious preparations, let them do that for you! Additionally, our home removal service can be combined with a thorough cleaning, so you can be sure that your previous property is left spotless. Oh, and if you are an owner of a bigger property, a video survey can be organised prior to the service to save you time and get a precise quote. Sounds tempting? Then, book your home removals with Fantastic Services, today! 

Moving to a new place?

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  • According to our statistics, the most popular time to schedule your moving date is between July and September. Morning weekend slots are the most popular ones; therefore, they need to be booked in advance;
  • Summertime is usually the most suitable time for moving because of the vacation season; 
  • When planning your next move-in date, consider all your needs and tasks you need to accomplish before the relocation;
  • If your new place needs to undergo renovation, a clear renovation plan can give you an idea of when you can schedule your moving date. 


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