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Guide on How to Clean Fabric Vertical Blinds

Fabric vertical blinds are a popular home decoration choice for many homeowners. They have the ability to bring a relaxed and modern vibe to any room but can become a major headache when it comes to their cleaning requirements.

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So, if you:

  • Are looking for tips on how to clean fabric vertical blinds at home;
  • Want to know how to remove stains from fabric blinds;
  • Are curious about how to wash fabric blinds;
  • Need tips on how to clean fabric blinds without removing them;

We got you covered!

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about fabric blinds, such as cleaning tips, whether or not you can machine wash them, and even a recipe for an easy-to-make DIY cleaner.

What is special about vertical blinds made of fabric?

Fabric vertical blinds are a good and versatile home design solution. You can use them to filter the light in the room, they are located in, or to completely block it. They come in a wide range of different widths, lengths, styles, fabrics, and colours so you can customise them depending on the style of your home. The downside is that fabric vertical blinds are not practical – they lack in the durability department, stain very easily, and gather a good amount of dirt and dust.

What you should know before cleaning your fabric vertical blinds

Before you undertake the task of cleaning your fabric vertical blinds, you need to know the difference between the cleaning methods for wood, vinyl, aluminium, and fabric blinds. This is necessary because you risk damaging your fabric blinds if you choose the wrong one. Wood blinds are treated like regular wood furniture, which means, using dust wipes, a damped cloth, and a special wood cleaning detergent. On the other hand, the aluminium and vinyl ones can benefit from just a bit of dusting. As we’ve discussed earlier, fabric blinds are a bit more tricky when it comes to cleaning.

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How to clean vertical fabric blinds

If you don’t feel like wasting energy on removing your blinds, here is a neat idea how to clean fabric vertical blinds without taking them down:

This is what you’ll need:

    • A vertical blind cleaning tool;
    • Two buckets;
    • Some dishwashing detergent or mild soap;
    • Essential oil (optional);
    • Water;
    • Towels;
    • A vacuum cleaner.

In order to clean your vertical fabric blinds, you can make a simple DIY home detergent

Pour some water in a bucket, add a good amount of mild soap, a few drops of essential oil, and you’re done. The idea behind the oil is that it’ll leave a mild scent on the blinds, which will act as a room freshener. Cleaning fabric blinds is very similar to cleaning drapes, or even cleaning upholstered furniture.

So, here is the proper way to clean hanging fabric vertical blinds:

  1. Vacuum the blinds carefully to get rid of any dust;
  2. Place a few towels underneath them, so you don’t end up with a wet and slippery floor;
  3. Prepare your DIY detergent;
  4. Fill a bucket with clean water. This is going to be your rinse water;
  5. Soak your cleaning tool in the detergent and start cleaning each blinds slat. Begin from the top and slide it down to the bottom;
  6. Change both the DIY cleaner and rinse water when you see them turn a brownish colour. This way you avoid transferring the dirt back to the blinds;
  7. Leave the curtains to air dry.

How to clean mould off vertical fabric blinds

Cleaning mould of vertical fabric blinds requires a bit more back pain. First, you need to take the blinds down and lay them on a flat surface like a table, for example. Make sure to clean the area before putting them there. Get a soft brush and carefully wipe away as much dry mould as you can. After that, with the help of a cloth and some mild detergent, gently run over every blinds slat. Remember to start from the top making your way down to the bottom of each one. Hang your vertical blinds and leave them to air dry.

Getting professional curtain cleaning

As you can see, cleaning vertical blinds is definitely not amongst the most enjoyable of activities, so why not hire a professional to handle it for you? Fantastic Services are here to save you from the tedious task! We offer professional blinds cleaning services that will leave your blinds looking and smelling fresh. Of course, all of this is accomplished with the help of special industrial-grade detergents and equipment. No need to wait, book Fantastic Services today!

Get your fabric vertical blinds cleaned with Fantastic Services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can fabric vertical blinds be washed?

You have two options: to wash them by hand in the bathtub or to put them in the washing machine. Both of them have pluses and minuses. If you decide to wash your blinds in the bathtub, be extra careful, so you don’t ruin them accidentally. Avoid bleach at all costs, especially if your blinds are a vivid colour. Also, if you clean them in the bathtub, the blinds will take a lot more time to dry.

If you want to spare yourself the hassle, put your vertical blinds in the washing machine. First, remove all hooks and chains, then put the blinds in a pillowcase, so they don’t get tangled. Wash on a heat setting no higher than 30 degrees.

Should I clean fabric blinds with a steam cleaner?

You can definitely clean your blinds this way. In order to avoid any possible discolouration or damage, first, make sure to do a pre-test on a hidden spot. After that, you can proceed with the task. Make sure to clean every single slat, again, starting from the top and carefully making your way down to the bottom. If you want an expert to do it for you, the cleaners at Fantastic Services use professional steam cleaners that can provide fast and lasting results.

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  • Cleaning fabric blinds is more tricky than the wood, aluminium and vinyl kind.
  • You can make a cleaning solution using water, mild soap and essential oils.
  • Vacuum the dust off the blinds before cleaning them with the detergent.
  • Removing mould requires a bit more effort and brushing.
  • Avoid using bleach when cleaning fabric blinds.
  • If cleaning them in the washing machine, remove the hooks and chains and put the blinds in a pillowcase.
  • Test your chosen cleaning method on a hidden spot first.


We hope you found our article on how to clean fabric vertical blinds helpful. Show Fantastic Services some love by sharing it and, of course, don’t forget to leave a comment below with your experience with cleaning vertical fabric blinds!

Image source: Flickr: Phillip Taylor License type: CC BY-SA 2.0

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