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How to Clean Grease Off an Oven

Ah, baking. There is nothing like the smell of a hot roast in the oven or the aroma of a baked good. But we all know what comes with any kind of cooking adventure that involves the use of an oven – sticky, nasty, smelly GREASE!

Besides looking nasty, grease spots can actually become a major issue for your cooking appliance and anything you cook in it. You see, if your oven begins to form any grease or food bits built-up, over time they will turn into carbon. The accumulated carbon will start to leave a funny smell on the food you are cooking and can actually be a fire hazard.

In order to eliminate the above-described issues, you must clean your oven on a regular basis.

So, if you happen to be someone who:

  • Hasn’t cleaned their oven in a while;
  • Found a very dirty oven in their newly rented property;
  • Has tenants that don’t like cleaning their oven.

Continue reading to find out what is the best and mess-free way to complete this otherwise nasty cleaning task.

Table of Contents:

The “DIY Detergent” Method

If you happen to be someone who doesn’t fancy the idea of using commercial cleaners, then this DIY cleaning solution is perfect for you. You will need three basic ingredients that you probably already have in the kitchen – baking soda, white vinegar and water. Now, here is how to use them to clean a greasy oven:

  1. Remove everything – the oven racks, thermometers, pizza stone, etc. – the cooking appliance must be completely empty. After you’ve emptied the oven, it’s time to 
  2. Prepare the cleaning paste – mix half a cup of baking soda with 5-6 tablespoons of water and stir until a thick paste forms. 
  3. Put on some protective gloves and evenly spread the paste on the interior of your oven, without getting any of the cleaning solution on the heating elements. 
  4. Rub in the mixture until it turns brown, concentrating on the extra greasy parts. 
  5. Let the paste sit and do its magic for at least 12 hours.
  6. Remove the baking soda mixture with a damp towel. If you find some parts a bit harder to wipe than others, get a plastic spatula and carefully scrape them off. 
  7. If you spot any greasy residue, pour some white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the areas. Once the liquid makes contact with the baking soda, everything with start to bubble, but don’t worry – that’s a good thing.
  8. Remove all leftover foam with a damp cloth to make your oven shiny again. 
  9. Finally, place everything you have taken out from the oven back inside. That’s it, you have successfully cleaned your oven.

The “Commercial Cleaner” Method

Sometimes waiting 12 hours for some baking soda to dissolve the grease stains in your oven is not very practical, especially if you are looking to get your oven clean fast. In situations like this, it’s best to buy a commercial cleaner that is specially created for oven cleaning. Such products are really easy to use and don’t require so much sitting time. 

Another major plus of using a store-bought detergent is that it won’t require so much manual labour. Basically, you spray the greasy oven, you wait for around 20 minutes and wipe off the grime – easy as 1,2,3! 

That being said, not all commercial oven cleaners are made equal – some brands can be dangerous for you and your family. You see, certain types of oven cleaners leave a residue in your oven that creates harmful fumes once it’s heated up. That’s why it’s best to look for a fume-free detergent if you opt for this solution. The all-purpose cleaners can even corrode the special enamel coating, causing you further cooking headaches and the need to book a professional oven repair service.

The “Buy an Oven with a Self-Cleaning Feature” Method

You read this right – self-cleaning ovens is actually a thing. And no, there isn’t a car wash situation happening inside the appliance. Many people ask how to clean grease off a self-cleaning oven because they don’t know how the actual process goes. Basically, during the cleaning cycle, the oven heats up to an extremely high temperature and transform any food bits and greasy spots into ash, which you can easily remove with a damp cloth. Out of all cleaning methods out there, having this self-cleaning feature is the best and most convenient way to clean your oven.

However, like with everything in life, all good things come at a cost. One of the disadvantages of these oven models is that a normal cleaning cycle can last up to 6 whole hours, meaning that you can’t use the appliance during that time. Also, another downside is when you have to use the feature during the summer – you are basically turning your kitchen into a sauna. There is also the stench-factor – you can imagine how various types of food bits and old grease stains can smell when burnt, right? And, of course, there is also the financial aspect – self-cleaning oven models are more expensive than regular models and aren’t very resource-efficient.

Before you decide on purchasing a self-cleaning oven, make sure to weigh both the advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, is it really worth having your whole house smell of old and burnt fish bits?

The “Hire a Professional” Method

As you can see, dealing with a greasy oven is not a fun task. The job is sticky, smelly and, well, let’s just say that you could be spending your time doing something way more pleasant. That being said, why not leave the nasty chore to the professional hands of Fantastic Services

We offer expert oven cleaning services suitable for every type of cooker out there. With us, you get a mess-free service, don’t have to wait to use the appliance after we are done, and you prolong its life span. Also, the detergents we use for the solution do not contain any caustic chemicals, making it extra safe. How awesome is that? 
So, what are you waiting for? Stop worrying about how to clean grease off inside the oven door and make your cleaning appointment with Fantastic Services today!


  • If you decide to use the baking soda method, make sure to leave the paste for at least 12 hours for maximum results.
  • Always buy fume-free commercial oven cleaners to avoid any potential health risks. 
  • Consider purchasing a self-cleaning appliance if you really don’t like the idea of scrubbing your hands always or using chemically-based products. 

Wondering how to clean baked on grease off oven racks? Try the baking soda paste!


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