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How to Clean Parquet Flooring: Proper Care and Maintenance

The availability of decoration options makes parquet one of the most wanted decorative floorings out there. The parquet’s geometrical patterns can add an extra touch of elegance to your house, whether it has a traditional or modern interior design. Living room, dining room, hall – you name it. The warm wooden undertones will immediately occupy any wide space with cosiness.

However, like any other hardwood floor, parquet floor cleaning requires special care. Poor water resistance, susceptibility to scratching and staining turn a regular cleaning routine into a special ritual. This is why we decided to help our readers out and ease your life with our simple tips on wooden floor maintenance.

So, if you:

  • Are a proud owner of an elegant parquet floor;
  • Want to know how to clean parquet flooring without damaging it;
  • Wonder which products you can use to clean your wooden parquet;

Then search no more! This post will tell you everything you need to know. 

Vacuuming tips

First things first, you need to remove all the dust, dirt and pet hair from the floor. You can always use a broom to collect the bigger pieces of dirt. However, a vacuum cleaner is a better tool to use in this case. 

As the parquet floors are patterned by different-sized tiles, the dust particles can get stuck between them. If the broom can help you remove the dust and debris on the surface, a vacuum cleaner provides a deeper cleaning for your hardwood floors. Unlike brooms, vacuum cleaners can reach the fine dust between the cracks, preparing the floor for further cleaning. 

Moreover, modern models of vacuums offer a variety of options for any household scenario. Depending on the model of your appliance, you might have hardfloor settings or soft brush attachments that are designed for gentle cleaning purposes. 

Avoid using a beater bar or any other carpet cleaning attachments, as they can leave micro-scratches on the soft wooden floors. If you feel like your floors need a more thorough cleaning, then use only soft brush attachments.

We highly recommend hoovering hardwood floors weekly. In the high-traffic areas, it’s better to vacuum twice a week. That way you prevent your floors from accumulating dust between the tiles and prolong its life.

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Mopping tips

Even though some suggest that dry cleaning with a hoover is enough, occasionally you still need to wipe the floors with a mop. Dirty shoe marks, spills and other household stains make it inevitable for us to equip with a mop and a bucket. 

Opt for a flat mop, as it allows you to evenly distribute the cleaning mixture on the floor surface without leaving standing water. Even if you have old stubborn stains, don’t use abrasives – that way you will only scratch the floor. If any liquid gets on the scratched area, the parquet will easily get plumped.

Avoid using harsh chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, chlorine or any acidic cleaners. The majority of commercial cleaners are designed to dissolve dirt and grime stains, however, they can eventually damage the coating or dull the shine. Even vinegar is not recommended on the delicate wooden floors.

If your floors have a polyurethane finish, you would also want to avoid wax products or any other cleaners or polishes that promise shine. When it’s time to apply a new coating, those products can create problems.

Usually, floor manufacturers advise cleaning solutions specifically designed for your parquet floors. Consult with your parquet manufacturer for advice. 

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How to prevent your parquet from serious damage

Unfortunately, we tend to be reactive rather than proactive and start looking for a solution, only when a problem is already there. Regular care for your parquet floor will not only eliminate potential need for repairs but preserve your floors for a longer time. That is why we recommend remembering the following:

  • Always clean spills as soon as possible. That way, you don’t allow the water seeping into the joints and prevent staining;
  • Place a doormat and rugs in the high traffic areas. That way you will be able to catch dirt before it lands on the floor.
  • Trim your pets’ nails. You might not notice, but they can leave small scratches on the surface;
  • Place furniture pads on heavy furniture to prevent scratches and marks;
  • When moving heavy furniture, avoid dragging the furniture. Place a couple of sliders undeneath the furniture legs instead, or lift where possible;
  • Shade your floors with curtains. Parquet is prone to discolouring from the sunlight;
  • If your floor looks worn out, maybe it is time to bring life back to it. Hardwood floor sanding is a great way to renew your floors without removing them.

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  • Use a vacuum cleaner to collect dust and debris;
  • Avoid any attachments that can leave scratch marks on the floor;
  • If the flooring is scratched, it becomes easily exposed to moisture and can get plumped;
  • Use a flat mop when washing the floors, as it doesn’t leave excess water;
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals because they can damage the coating of your parquet floor;
  • Avoid wax on the floors with polyurethane finish;
  • And remember – it’s easier to take proper care of the parquet floor, rather than repairing it. 


Thank you for reading this blog post! Did you find it helpful? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments down below. 

Image source: Shutterstock / Di Studi

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