How to Create the Perfect Home Theatre Experience

how to create the perfect home theatre experience

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It will take at least a decade or so for people to become excited about the Oscars again. Last year, Leonardo won. Now we are living in the calm that followed when the collective anticipation of everyone reached critical mass after that very envelope got opened.

So… now what? What else is there for us to look forward to? How many awards will La La Land win? Please.

Well, what about the films? Isn’t this the whole point?

In the end of the day, no matter who gets to go home with a golden statuette, the audience is left with a selection of notable films to enjoy. Which kind of brings us to our main topic. A good movie is probably best enjoyed with someone you like. But this might not be exactly true for some cinephiles. So, in order to enhance your viewing experience, we have prepared some useful tips on how to achieve the perfect home theatre atmosphere. But before we go into detail about light and sound, we need to cover the most basic points regarding…

#1. HDTV & Speakers

Before you set out to buy the biggest TV and loudest speakers from the nearest store, ask yourself this simple question: where are you going to put them? You see, the very first thing you need to understand is that the specs of your equipment should correspond to the dimensions of the room where the magic will be happening. A small TV won’t look aesthetically pleasing in a large room, and vice versa. Also, staring at an 80-inch screen from a meter and a half away will prove to be a torture. Therefore, buy a TV using your brain, not your ego.

#2. The Right Light

It’s one of those things that remain hidden in plain sight and most people rarely think about. But the Devil is in the details after all. No matter the type of performance, the lights always play a big role. They are adjusted in accordance to what’s happening and contribute to the tone of the experience. Here is what you need to know when it comes to home theatre…

#3. Colour Temperature

home theatre experience

Yes, the type of light can affect your viewing experience in more than one way, especially by altering the colours you see on the screen. The best possible condition you can achieve is by setting your lights at 6,500 degrees Kelvin. We are talking about your dimmable lights, of course. Which you’ll need to have installed in order to achieve the best possible experience.

But in case you’re not such a perfectionist, you can resort to one of the following well-known low-budget techniques:

  • Turn all lights off – This will make it harder for you to locate all the snacks and drinks on the table in front of you so be careful not to spill something. Also, this might tire out your eyes in some time.
  • Light a candle or two – This should provide enough light to cut through the darkness and make it a little bit easier for your eyes. On the other hand, it might even contribute to the atmosphere depending on the movie you’re watching.
  • Desk lamp to the rescue – Just bring your desk lamp to the party and turn the bulb to face the wall – this should provide a tolerable dim glow.

#4. Defining the Interior with Support Lighting

Let’s say that you’re one of those homemakers that are crazy about interior design. You might want to showcase the details of the room even when the lights are out. Probably the best way to accomplish this is by using cleverly positioned controllable lights. Luckily, there are all kinds of LED solutions that you can opt for but you might need the help of a professional installer to accomplish the effect you are after.

#5. Where Your Speakers At?


The positioning of your speakers is another major aspect that can significantly enhance (or undermine) your viewing experience. There are two main factors that will determine where you should place them: the type of speakers and the position of the seating area.

5.1 Surround Sound – Situate the speakers to the left and right of the seats. To get the best possible sound, aim them directly at you. In case you don’t have enough space, then the next best option is to situate the speakers behind the seating area and aim them forward.

7.1 Surround Sound – With this system, you’ll get the best sound quality by placing the surround speakers behind and beside the seats. Aim for a couple of feet above ear level to achieve the maximum effect.

All in all, if you are to meet these simple conditions, you will be able to fully immerse yourself into the magical world of movies and your favourite flicks on a wholly new level.

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Last update: August 23, 2018
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