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How to Declutter Your Bedroom

If your bedroom is overflowing with unnecessary items, then it’s time to find a place for each and every one of them. That place can easily be outside of your house. Decluttering is not just something you do occasionally when it’s time to clean up your place. It’s a process. As such, you need to get into the right mentality. Starting with the bedroom.

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Decide on the essentials

The first step is always the hardest, especially when it comes to choosing what you should keep and what you should dispose of. To do this, you should first consider the primal function of your bedroom – a place for sleep. As such, it should only contain items that aid your sleep schedule and help you wake up completely rested.

That said, it’s important to reduce the number of distractions and increase the number of items that aid your comfort.

Get some rubbish bin bags

If you find that you’ve got lots of unnecessary stuff in your bedroom, then, you might spend a whole day decluttering it. Try to be decisive and determine what doesn’t belong in your bedroom. Don’t waste time thinking about what you should do with each item. Just put anything that doesn’t fit in and just takes up space in a bin bag or two and take them out.

Ensure to make space in your living room or hallway, where you can temporarily store the stuff. And once you’ve taken all unnecessary items out, just forget about them for a while and go back in the bedroom. The real decluttering begins.

Start with the bed

The bed should be your first priority when decluttering your bedroom. Make sure there are no scattered random items under it. Many people like to use the space under the bed as an additional storage space, but that’s a very bad idea. Whatever you store under the bed will get dusty and in time, this will become apparent in the air quality of the whole room.

As a result, your sleep quality will get affected, too. Don’t forget, a bedroom is a place for sleeping. Keep in there only the essentials.

If your bed has drawers or its own storage compartment under the mattress, then, you can utilise those by placing the bedspreads, spare pillows, wool blankets, and winter bedding, you are currently not using, in it. This way, you can also clear up some space in the closet. Put all these items in airtight plastic bags and just forget about them until the time to use them again comes.

And, of course, on top of the bed, you should only have the pillows, sheets, and covers you use. You could place decorative pillows and a bedspread on top, but consider the functionality of your bedroom. Decide whether you’d be okay with putting them away every night and then, back on the bed every morning. It’s unnecessary work when a bedroom is a place for rest.

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Clear the bedside tables

Depending on the design of your bedside tables, they might have drawers, only have a shelf underneath or you’ve opted for a stool bedside table design. Generally, flat surfaces should be clear and drawers should contain only the most necessary items. The idea is to decrease the number of distractions from your peaceful sleep.

Avoid placing smartphones, tablets or laptops on the bedside table, while spending time in bed, as they’re sources of blue light that is known to disrupt sleep. If you need something to wake you up in the morning for work, consider an old-fashioned alarm clock. Not a digital one, like the display, emits blue light.

And, finally, take out your drawers and empty them on the bed. Sort through the items you have inside, and just like the first step, decide which ones are worth keeping in there. Think about whether you would ever need these items when going to sleep or immediately after waking up. Anything you decide to remove, you can dump it in a bin bag and place it out the door.

Sort out the wardrobe

The wardrobe is the toughest part of the bedroom to organise. You will have to empty it completely and sort through clothes, accessories, shoes, headwear, winter gear, etc. This would take most of your time, especially as it probably contains some sentimental items you would have to deal with. For that reason, you can read about our advice on wardrobe decluttering in this article.

Take short but frequent breaks

It’s important not to overwhelm yourself with all these big decisions. You should finish decluttering a room in one day, but make sure you take a few breaks while doing it. Your brain needs to recharge so that you can come back to the task with a fresh perspective and not burn out in a haste. Once your bedroom is completely decluttered according to your standards, clean it up with the hoover and that’s it – you have a brand new room.

How to get rid of unwanted clutter

Now that you’re done with the bedroom, it’s time to decide what to do with that big pile of items we disposed of in the beginning in bin bags. Go through all your items and separate them into four piles:

  • Utilise. The first thing you should decide is whether the item would serve any purpose in your other rooms. Even a decorative purpose is still a purpose.
  • Sell. If you find an item you’ve barely used, and it’s still in top condition, however, you are certain you won’t be using ever again, you may consider selling it. There are plenty of online platforms that make this process very easy.
  • Give away or donate. If certain items aren’t in top condition, but can still be used, you can give them away to friends and family. In other cases, you can also donate them to a charity.
  • Bin. And if the item is broken, torn, or generally not worth keeping, it should really end up in the bin.

If you need to take care of the logistics for a lot of items, an old wardrobe or a king-sized bed, you can benefit from the expertise of a men and van team. They will come to you, load all the items and transport them to a given address. If you are giving the items to a friend, you might arrange for them to cover the transport bill, they are getting some free furniture after all.

How to extend the clutter-less period

Decluttering once is not enough. If you wish to keep your space clean and organised, you should develop a habit of it. Otherwise, in a year or so, you would have to go through the same process again. And again. Here are a few healthy habits that can help you.

  • Avoid overbuying. Overbuying clothes and accessories are the main reason for a cluttered wardrobe. Learn to effectively evaluate the things you really need and say no to those who would serve only as short-lived satisfaction. Needless to say, this habit is also good for your wallet.
  • Organise on the go. Once you’ve decluttered your bedroom, keep it that way. Always bring the item back to its original spot. This keeps your room organised in the long run so you wouldn’t have to do another big decluttering anytime soon. Or ever.
  • Put away your laundry after drying. It’s very common for the room to become cluttered with laundry, so make sure to put them away in their respective place in the wardrobe right after they’ve dried out. The same goes for used clothes. If they need to go in the wash, put them in the wash bin or the washing machine immediately, instead of decorating the furniture with them. This way you will avoid scattering clothes where they don’t belong. While we are still on the laundry topic, it’s a good idea to sanitise your washer once a month. To see how it’s done, read our post on how to clean a smelly washing machine.

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Decluttering your bedroom doesn’t have to be a hard process. You can start slowly and organise your home and life item by item. In time, you will not only clear space, but you’ll also bring effective functionality to each room.

This would no doubt have a positive effect on your mental health, reducing stress and bringing a positive attitude to the entire household. And, if you’re not able to do this by yourself, our professional decluttering professionals can do this job for you.

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