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How to Declutter Your Living Room

Any living room can easily get cluttered if there is not a good organisational system for all items. And that can be a bit tough since we spend a lot of time in there and tend to leave a lot of items scattered around.

So if you:

  • Find you are sort of a hoarder and have trouble letting go of old items;
  • Want to know how other people manage to clear out their homes of clutter;
  • Want to have a home that is clear of unnecessary clutter, so you can enjoy it more.

Then read along to fix that cluttered living room of yours.

Table of Contents:

What is clutter? Really, it can be anything which you have not used in a long time, but keep just in case or out of sentimental value. Old backpacks, CD-s, magazines, clothes, user manuals, you name it. Anything can be clutter as long as it takes space, but does not get used.

Inspect and sort

Before doing anything drastic, make sure you have the whole day free because it might take you a bit longer to decide how to treat all your items. You have to go around the room and divide the clutter into three main groups:

  • Things you will keep;
  • Things you will move to another room;
  • Things you will get rid of.

A lot of people find it easier to use a list with these three main groups of items. Others prefer the more visual way – sorting everything in three piles. And the rest have no problem sorting everything in their heads without any visual aid.

Choose the right tool for you and let the sorting begin. Just bear in mind that out of the pile of stuff for getting rid of should also be divided into another three piles:

  • For selling;
  • For giving away;
  • For throwing in the rubbish bin.

You might have to spend some time on this pile after the decluttering is done in order to decide what every item is suitable for. Remember, you can give away items to friends and family, or you can donate to charity. Just make sure everything is in good condition. Transporting bulky items to the homes of your friends or family could prove difficult. However, it’s nothing a professional man and van can’t handle.

Two men with a van will arrive at your place, load all the items you want to be transported and drop them off the given address. Things that go into the rubbish bin should be broken, unusable, or simply outdated. Make sure to do the same for drawers and cabinets.

Organise the bookshelf

Bookshelves are an amazing piece of decor that could make or break the personality of the entire living room. To declutter your bookshelf, you first have to remove all books and other items from it.

  • Clean. Give your empty bookshelf a good dusting. Now that you have a blank canvas, start sorting from the pile in your feet what to put back on the bookshelf and what could go somewhere else.
  • Keep important books. First, if you see a book you liked at first but ended up disliking it, you can set it aside and give away to friends, the local library, or to a charity. Remember, the bookcase reveals the personality of your home. It shouldn’t contain anything that gives you a negative feeling. The rest of the books, you can wipe clean from dust as well.
  • Arrange photo albums. If you own photo albums you wish to have on display, make sure all the photos are arranged perfectly inside. If you find an album that contains stacks of free photos that drop in your feet the moment you pick it up, see where you can put them. Buy a new album for your spare photos and arrange accordingly.
  • Colour-coordinate. Arrange books of the same colour together. They don’t even have to stand straight. They could be laying on their side or arranged by size. It’s up to you to give your bookcase the design that makes you most happy. After all, decluttering is not only about cleaning, it’s also a tool to bring positive energy to your room.
  • Add the other decorations. If your bookcase contained figurines, vases and other decorative items, think twice if you want all of them back. Some might be too old or broken. Not to mention, the more decorations you have, the longer your cleaning process will be. Strive for minimalism and keep only those you love the most.
If you have too many items on the bookshelf and you’re simply unable to get rid of any of them, you can purchase a few decorative containers and sort all items inside. The decorative containers will bring their own beauty to the bookshelf and all your items will be organised.

Organise your furniture

Everyone aspires for bulky and luxurious furniture in their living room, however, this can be a challenge if our homes don’t have the space needed. And unfortunately, Britain has some of the smallest homes in Europe.

For that purpose, it’s important to invest in versatile furniture that has several purposes. For example, a couch that can transform into a bed when we have guests staying over. Or tables with incorporated storage, such as ottoman coffee tables.

Lots of people are tempted to bring home beanbags for their minimalistic design, and let’s just say this is NOT a good idea. Not only do they take too much space, but beanbags require a playroom or a children’s room decor to look good. And, we can only guess, but you probably don’t want your living room to be any of those.

Same goes for exercise equipment. Unless you’re the type of person to use one every single day, it could very soon turn into an eyesore. Consider placing it in the bedroom, or outdoors in the back yard.

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Reduce number of cushions

Cushions can be addictive like sugar. They come in various colours and beautiful patterns. They can be the ultimate eye candy for your living room, and many people don’t have the willpower to say no when they see them in the store. As a result, you might end up with a disturbing amount of cushions to the point where you don’t know where to put them.

If you find that you are forced to move cushions around just to sit on the couch, then now is the time to stop the madness and arrange. Some of them can go into your bedroom, others can be placed in your storeroom. And last but not least, they can turn into a beautiful gift for a good friend.

Minimise paper

Paper, in general, is outdated. Newspapers are replaced by TV and the internet. Magazines – by social media and life blogs. All the paperwork from your office has transferred to your laptop. However, as much as we want to get rid of paper products in our life, sometimes it’s unavoidable to bring some in the living room.

Minimise the paper in the living room to only the most important one, since piles of paper are the biggest clutter issue in many homes. Get rid of the paper you don’t need as soon as it served its purpose. The rest keep in one spot and one spot only. Keep it visible to remind yourself to deal with it at your earliest convenience.

Collect childrens’ toys

Childrens’ toys are another culprit that causes a disorganized living room. To keep them away from sight, purchase one or a few big plastic containers and gather all the toys in them. Find a place for these containers outside of the living room. Preferably the children’s bedroom.

And, of course, teach your kids the importance of tidying up after playtime is over. It’s a longterm solution.

Reduce objects on display

Many people find sentimental value in a lot of objects that serve nothing more than a decorative purpose. This is a tough one to fix because sentimentality can bring a lot of clutter in your house and prevent you from giving your living room the style and design it deserves. Decide for yourself whether each item is worth the bad organisation and the extended cleaning process.

If you find it too difficult to get rid of any, at least make sure to keep them out of sight. Place them in containers and put away in your storeroom.

Your living room can stay clean and organised at all times, as long as you follow the right steps. Just make sure to stick to your organisational technique at all times and you won’t have to do a big declutter like that ever. If you don’t have any time, or simply don’t want to bother wasting a free day on all that, you can always rely on professional home organisers to do the job for you.

Book a professional service!

If you feel this is too overwhelming or you just wish to spend your time on more pleasurable activities, then consider hiring home organising and decluttering services. Fantastic Services works with experienced technicians who will dispose of all the unneeded items, so your home can once again be a source of rejuvenation.

They can also help by folding your clothes, arranging wardrobes and shelves, reorganising your home to your taste and more. Call us today to get a quote!

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  • Organise the clutter into three categories: things to keep, things to move to another room and things to throw away;
  • Organise your bookshelves;
  • Organise your furniture;
  • Reduce paper and get rid of the one you no longer use;
  • Cut down on the decorative objects.


Do you have any more tips for a cluttered living room? Let us know by commenting.

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