How to Get Wax Out of Your Carpet

How to get wax out of carpet illustrationCleaning any type of wax out of your carpets is a must know skill in every household. Your carpet can end up with wax stains from a candle, a crayon or even hair removal wax in a variety of hard-to-predict situations. From a romantic dinner with your spouse to your high schooler’s academic efforts hoping to get better grades, your flooring can be ruined in a blink of an eye. No, Timmy, you’re gonna have to study for this one. Still, his attempt probably left some nasty stains on the carpet and now you’re left wondering how to get rid of them. Well, here is where we step in. We will explain now what are the different types of wax and how to take care of the most common ones for good.

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Before you begin cleaning you have to know your wax.

What is the difference between paraffin and candle wax?

Paraffin wax is a byproduct from refining crude oil into gasoline. As candles can be made from different materials (beeswax, soy wax, microcrystalline wax, paraffin wax and other added minerals), the difference between paraffin wax and candle wax will depend on what the candle is made from. Paraffin wax will differ from another specific type of candle wax in its molecule structure, melting point, texture and adhesive properties.

Paraffin wax has smaller molecules and a lower melting point than other types of wax. It is used in many products, such as cosmetics, candles, wax paper, lubricants and so on. This makes the risk of having wax accidents on your carpet even more likely. So, read on and learn how to clean wax from your rugs.

Now let’s begin with the cleaning!

What you need to remove wax stains

Before you start you will need the following materials and tools

  • A vacuum
  • Clean cloths or towels
  • Plastic bags
  • An iron
  • A butter knife
  • Carpet cleaning detergent or rubbing alcohol
  • Ice cubes

How to get wax from a carpet

The technique we will guide you through now will work mostly on paraffin waxes only. Continue reading below if the wax is from any of the other types.
You start with scraping the already hardened wax from the carpet with the blunt part of a knife or just a butter one. Vacuum the loose particles and if there are any more scraps left, repeat with the knife.

When you’ve taken care of the hard parts, take a damp towel which you no longer need and put it on the spot. Take your iron and set it on “high”. Place it over the towel and press it for around 10 seconds. The heat will transfer the wax from your carpet to the towel. Repeat until all of it is gone. If the towel is no longer damp or it’s filled with the wax, just replace it.

When you’ve done your best with the iron, take a carpet cleaning detergent and spray the area. Rub the liquid with a spoon into the fabric and then, dab it with another clean towel until it’s somewhat dry. Then, just let the area air dry and this should do the job.

Of course, if you don’t have the time or you’re afraid that you may damage your carpet, you can always count on Fantastic Services. We offer professional carpet cleaning and stain removal to everyone who wants to have a guaranteed result.

How to get hair removal wax out of your carpet

As if removing hair isn’t a punishment enough, having a stain from hair removal wax just tops the cake. Fortunately for everyone, these days there are DIY cleaning tricks for everything. Before you start though, you need to remember to keep the stain dry and not let it set into the carpet fibres.
And now, here is how to clean hair removal wax from carpets step by step.

  1. Fill a plastic bag with some ice cubes and place it over the spot;
  2. Press a bit if you need to. The cold will harden the stain while the bag protects it from getting wet;
  3. Take a dull knife and scrub the wax from the carpet after making sure that the spot is dry and no longer soft;
  4. Remove the wax carefully, so you don’t tear the fibres. Take as much as you can with the knife;
  5. Vacuum the rest of the wax chunks.

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How to get soy wax out of carpet

Soy wax is a material which is mostly used for making candles but it’s a bit different from the paraffin wax. It’s made from the oil of soybeans and it’s a lot more durable and reliable than other types of wax.

So, here is how you can remove soy wax fast and easy!

  1. Get these tools and materials: a bag full of ice, a blunt knife, paper towels or cloths, vacuum cleaner, rubbing alcohol ora carpet cleaner;
  2. Take the ice pack and place it over the area so that the soy wax can harden properly and dry out. Similar to the other wax types, you cannot let this one get wet. Be careful when placing the ice in the bag and check for holes. You can use a freezing spray, too.
  3. Scrape the particles with the knife carefully. If you manage to get everything out you don’t need to proceed with the next step and you can just skip to the fourth step.
  4. Take the cloth or towel and put it over the spot. Set your iron to the right setting, so you don’t burn the carpet. Don’t use any steam cleaning options, as you don’t want the wax wet.
  5. Go gently over the area with the iron until the soy wax has transferred from the carpet to the towel or the cloth.
  6. Treat any remaining bits of soy wax with a cleaning detergent or rubbing alcohol.
  7. Pour a little bit of the liquid over the spot and blot it with a clean cloth or an absorbent towel.
  8. Finally, vacuum your carpet to get the fibres looking fresh and clean again.

Isopropyl alcohol can break down a variety of household stains that may happen on your carpet. Another relatively common use of it is to clean milk stains from textile floor coverings.

How to get crayon wax out of the carpet

Many times the price we have to pay for our children’s art creations is a bit hefty. It could be only an innocent stain but it can also be a whole cat painted on your white carpet because the fibres look too much like fur. No child can resist this mixed media art composition. So, now, you can do only two things. First, take a picture, because it’s probably adorable. Second, take care of the stain immediately before the wax infiltrates the fabric. Always advise your kids not to hide the stain and to tell you immediately. The longer it stays, the harder it is to remove.

Removing crayon wax stains from a carpet may not be as hard as removing paint stains, but it still requires a few supplies, some time and some elbow grease. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Take a butter knife and scrape the wax out of the carpet as much as possible;
  2. Vacuum all the loosened bits;
  3. Take a small amount of professional carpet cleaning detergent and apply it to the affected area;
  4. Leave it for a couple of seconds and blot it with a clean towel or an absorbent pad;
  5. Repeat the process if needed.

So, these were the most common types of wax, which could end up on your carpet. Now, you know how to clean them easily with the help of your household products. Share with us your wax stories and if you have any extra tips that have proven useful in time. If you liked the article send it to your family and friends.

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