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How to Hang Blinds Without Drilling Holes

Window blinds help control the light and heat coming from the outside and can add a great deal of aesthetic appeal to the room they’re in. The problem is they are somewhat hard to install if you’ve never done it before. Needless to say, putting up blinds without drilling is possible.

So, if you:

  • lack the proper tools and knowledge needed for the project;
  • want to install blinds in your kitchen or hallway, but don’t want to drill holes;
  • recently had your room renovated and don’t want to drill holes into the newly plastered wall.

Then read along!

Can you hang blinds without a drill?

Yes, with the so-called no drill blinds. Drill-free blinds snap into brackets in your window frames. Different models are attached to the window frame by various means, like adhesives or hooks. In terms of operation, these blinds work just like the rest and come in a variety of materials, such as aluminium, PVC, bamboo, and wood. Now it’s time to familiarise yourself with the different types of drill-free blinds and how to hang them.

How to hang blinds without drilling holes

Clip-in blinds

These are perfect if you have PVC windows or french doors in need of blinds. Each package comes with its own set of clips, also called brackets, and instructions for proper installation. The main thing to remember about all clip-in blinds is that you put the clips between the rubber seal and window. Afterwards, you attach the blinds to the clips. When fully assembled, the blinds fit into the window and leave no gaps. This gives the window an elegant look because nothing is hanging in front of it. Instead, the blinds look like they’re part of the window.

Stick-on blinds a.k.a peel-and-stick blinds

These, as you might have already guessed, have an adhesive strip along their headrail. They also have an included trimming scale, which you can use if you need to cut the blinds down to a certain size. The blinds are usually made of paper, so it’s easy to cut. All you need is a straight-edged kitchen knife. After you’re done cutting, you can proceed to the installation:

  1. Clean the surface where you will stick the blinds. There must be no dust, grease and the surface must be completely dry for the adhesive to stick properly;
  2. Remove the protective strip from the adhesive;
  3. Stick the blinds on the window or door of your choosing;
  4. Press firmly for several seconds.

Command strips and hooks

This option isn’t much different than the one mentioned above. Command strips and hooks prove to be an easier DIY alternative to drilling when you have wood, glass, drywall, or steel surfaces. When you combine the strips with hooks, you can also hang curtains.

Now, here are the items you will need for the job:

  • Command strips strong enough to hold the combined weight of the hooks and blinds. The 3M strips, for example, can support up to 7 kilograms (16 pounds). These are used to hand pictures;
  • Blinds. Wood blinds are the lightest of all other materials, so they will be perfect for this purpose;
  • Measuring tape;
  • Command hooks large enough to hold the rod for the curtain;
  • A rod thin enough to fit in the hooks.

Hanging blinds with command strips and hooks

The method here will work for both blinds and curtains. The only difference is that when you install blinds, you stick them onto the strips. When you install curtains, you place the hooks on the strips and then the rod on the hooks.

  1. Measure the distance from the ground to the desired place of the strips. It needs to be of equal length from the ground;
  2. Stick the strips to the desired spots;
  3. Peel off the cover of the adhesive;
  4. Stick the blinds (or hooks) on the strips, and push firmly for several seconds;
  5. Put the rod in the holes of the curtains;
  6. Place the rod on the hooks and you’re done.
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Magnetic Blinds

If you need temporary blinds or if you have metal window and door frames, consider magnetic blinds. They are extremely easy to install:

How to install blinds on a metal door without drilling

Magnetic blinds come with three to four magnetic brackets. Some brands use disks, but it works just the same. 

  1. Sometimes the brackets come in two parts. You need to assemble them before proceeding;
  2. Attach the brackets to the window blinds;
  3. Attach the whole thing on your door or window frame. It will snap right on.

In case you’re wondering, there are also magnetic curtains on the market. Usually, they have a flat aluminium rod with a powerful magnetic strip on the back and velcro on the front. The curtain itself also has velcro of its own and is attached to the front of the rod. Basically, you just place the rod on the window or door of your choosing. When you need to clean the frames, you simply remove the blinds/curtains. 

Tip: Always purchase quality products as the main problem with magnetic blinds is that the magnets are sometimes too weak. A while after installation, the whole contraption can fall to the ground.

Tension Rods

Blinds of this sort are installed on tension rods inside the window frame. The rods are fully adjustable and can be installed on many frames. You just need to tighten them properly, otherwise, the blinds will fall every time you pull the string to open or close them. So, this is how you hang blinds on a tension rods:

  1. Measure the width of the window and the inner edges of the wall where the blinds will be. This is so you choose the right sized blinds, as well as tension rods;
  2. Expand the rod, and insert it through the hole on top of your shade;
  3. Place the contraption in the window frame. Make sure the rod is parallel to the ground;
  4. Depending on the model, you may have to turn one side of the rod to secure it to the wall. Some models don’t require turning and only that you expand the rod.

Suspension rods can also prove very useful if you want to install a bathroom curtain and your shower space has two perpendicular walls. You can avoid the hassle of having to drill your tiles and damage. And if you don’t have perpendicular walls, check our post on how to drill through tiles without cracking them.

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Why not hire a professional for the job?

If you have a home of your own, or just prefer the stability of drilled window blinds, then consider booking a blinds fitting service. Fantastic Services works with experienced, insured, and fully equipped technicians who can complete the fitting job in no time. They can install all kinds of blinds, such as Venetian blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds, and custom ones. 

The technicians can also assist you in removing the old blinds, should you request it, fitting shutters on bay windows, cutting roller blinds to size, and also child-proofing. 

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  • The clips of the Clip-in blinds go between the rubber seal and window;
  • Combine command strips with hooks to hang curtains and not just blinds;
  • Magnetic blinds are perfect for metal window frames and doors;
  • Suspension rods can be used to install blinds, curtains, and shower curtains if your shower space allows it.


Did we miss something? Let us know by leaving a comment!

Image source: Shutterstock / Volodymyr Maksymchuk

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