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How to Keep Spiders Out of Shed

Garden sheds are handy for storing equipment and tools, but without maintenance, they will eventually fall into disarray. When that happens, you will notice they often become infested with spiders. There are no killer spiders in the UK, but that doesn’t make the crawlers in your shed any less dreadful.

So, if you:

  • Have an old shed, which always ends up decorated with thick cobwebs, no matter how much you clean it;
  • Tried some pesticides, but to no avail;
  • Think of sealing any crevices and gaps but don’t know how to go about it;

Then, continue reading to learn how to keep spiders out of your shed. These tips can also work in spider-infested garages.

How to get rid of spiders in a shed

You probably don’t want to share space with spiders, regardless of their species. They multiply rapidly and can take over sheds, gardens and patios. To get rid of spiders in your shed, we recommend:

Clean your shed regularly

You already have a home to clean, and now you have to waste time doing the same with your shed? Well, this is an important step. If you truly want to keep spiders out of the shed, you’d have to eliminate all the conditions which attract them.

  • Sweep or vacuum cobwebs – they look creepy, collect dust and get in your face every time you set foot into the shed. Remove both new and old cobwebs. There might be some egg sacs in the old webs, that’s why they need to go.
  • Throw out leaves and debris – not only will there be fewer things to collect dirt, but there will also be fewer hiding places for spiders.
  • Keep containers shut tight – store plant seeds and pet food in plastic containers, as they may attract other insects that spiders prey on. Non-edible items can remain in their cardboard boxes, but do tape them and label them. Odd-shaped items that don’t fit into boxes will fit in ziplock bags. Keep all your storage containers up on the shelves and not on the ground.
  • Clean walls on the inside – a simple solution of warm water and dish soap will do the trick. Clean walls are less hospitable for spiders.
  • Always clean your garden tools before bringing them back into the shed – once in a while you might have a stowaway spider in your lawn mower after cutting the grass.
  • Keep the exterior around your shed clean of stuff – try not to store building materials, firewood and other items too close to your shed. Also, clear away any weeds or shrubs, which are too close as spiders can easily use them as a bridge.

Best spider repellents

You don’t need to buy the most expensive product to chase spiders out of your shed. In fact, you already have a handful of ingredients at your home which are eco-friendly and just as effective.

Keep in mind most of these repellents are scent-based. Spiders don’t have a nose, instead, they detect odours through numerous tiny hairs on their legs. In other words, the repellent needs to be laid on a spider’s pathway, otherwise, it won’t work.

  • White vinegar – is a natural spider repellent and it can easily help you chase any spiders away from your shed. Spray some around the windows and in the corners of the shed and reapply every few days. It should do the trick.
  • Mint – if you hate the smell of vinegar, then mint is a good alternative to deter spiders from your shed.
  • Lavender and lemon – spiders hate citrus scents and even more so a combination between the two kinds. So, dip some cotton balls in a mixture of lavender and lemon juice and place them around the shed.
  • Citrus essential oils – another citrus alternative. Add a few teaspoons to some water and spray around the shed interior.
  • Vegetable oil and vanilla – this solution is so strong and unpleasant to spiders that all you need to do is place a few capfuls in the shed corners and around windows and the spiders will be gone.
  • Borax – this compound will not drive the spiders away, but will actually kill them. So, sprinkle some on the places where spiders use as a pathway. It will also kill any other bugs, which come in contact with it. No other bugs means no food source for the spider, so that’s a benefit.
  • Glue traps – glue traps can be easily purchased in any hardware store. Go for flat traps without raised perimeter edges, as they work better for spiders. The more traps you lay on the ground, in the corners and on shelves, the better. Replace them regularly when they become full of dead spiders.
  • Store-bought pesticides – if you decide to go down that road, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. You can apply the product around the shed exterior, vents and openings. Check the label to see if it’s safe for your soil.
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How to spider-proof a shed?

Understanding what attracts spiders to your shed is essential to controlling and preventing them from entering. By taking a few simple precautions and steps, you can get rid of spiders in your shed or garage.

Seal all entry points and secure windows and doors

Go inside your shed on a sunny day and close the door. After your eyes adjust, you will see small rays of light. All of these gaps and cracks need to be sealed because spiders use them as an entrance. For this purpose, you can use silicone or acrylic latex caulk. All the joints should be silicon sealed, as well.

Check if there are any gaps between the door and floor or threshold when it’s closed. If you see any, install weatherstripping on the shed entrance. This will make the door close more tightly and will prevent uninvited crawlers. Do the same for the windows.

Keep your door and windows closed even when you’re working in the garden. Otherwise, it won’t matter how many entry points you’ve sealed. The insects in your garden will have an easy way of getting inside and staying there.

Install roofing felt

Not the cheapest or easiest thing to install, but a heavy-duty, polyester-backed felt will stop spiders from entering your shed through the roof. In fact, this material is so thick that no insect can penetrate it.

If you don’t want to spend that kind of money just to get rid of a few spiders, consider the following advantage. New roofing felt won’t allow any water into the shed during winter, it will help preserve the temperature inside, and also it will help keep dampness out. In the long run, it will be useful for the durability of your shed.

Repaint your shed

This is a rather odd tip, and its effect is not entirely proven. However, there is a theory that spiders will ignore your shed if it is painted sky blue. The arachnoids see only in the green wavelength. They might actually mistake your shed for being part of the sky. Since there is no actual evidence to back this tip, consider it an option only if you’re looking to repaint the shed for decorative purposes. Repainting it just for the sake of chasing away a few spiders may be a waste of time.

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Set up a decoy

Instead of killing spiders, you can just lure them away to another place. All you need is a non-transparent container. A sturdy cardboard box or an old bird feeder are good examples. The container needs to be dark and have plenty of holes for the insect to get into. You can also put some food inside to make sure the crawlers would prefer it over your shed.

Book spider control service

If you’ve had it up to here with spiders in your shed, then consider hiring professional help. Fantastic Services is a reputable property maintenance service provider that offers specialist cleaning, handyman, pest control, gardening and landscaping solutions, and much more.

We work with experienced and fully equipped outdoor maintenance experts and landscapers who can repair your old shed or remove it and install a brand-new one in no time. Frankly, some old items can become so worn down that replacing them makes more sense than wasting time on futile repairs.

So, if that is the route you want to go, we have your back. Or you can book spider pest control and keep your shed a while longer, but without the spiders.

Struggling with a spider infestation?

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  • Make sure your shed has no holes, which the spiders can use as an entry point.
  • Keep the shed inside clean, and ensure all your items are in boxes or plastic containers.
  • Lay some spider repellents inside.
  • Install a quality roofing felt.


Did you manage to chase away the spiders from your shed? What method did you use? Let us know by commenting below!

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