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How to Make a Driftwood Christmas Tree

As the Christmas season is nearly on our doorstep, we start thinking about decoration. An interesting fact is that more and more people prefer to stick to sustainable and environmentally friendly decor, and even search for DIY ideas. In this article, we’ll give you an amazing decor idea – a driftwood Christmas tree that is easy to assemble and will look gorgeous at the end. 

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So, if you:

  • are the creative sort, who’s always happy to try out some different Christmas decor ideas;
  • have children and you want to engage them in hands-on activities to minimise their screen time;
  • have always wanted to make a driftwood Christmas tree but don’t know exactly how;

Then, read on! This post is just for you.

Supplies you’ll need for this DIY driftwood Christmas tree project

  • Driftwood sticks – preferably, about 30-35 pieces;
  • A wood base – it can be a slice of log or stable driftwood chunk, as well;
  • Topper – a starfish will look amazing;
  • A reinforcing/dowl rod – the length is optional; 

You’ll need some tools, as well

  • Glue – any wood glue will do the trick.
  • A drill – that should be the same size as the dowel;
  • Some protective gear for your eyes (as you’ll be drilling holes into wood).

How to make a driftwood Christmas tree in a few simple steps

Step 1: Collect your driftwood branches

Make sure to pick the straightest pieces as possible. All of them should be of a different size so that you have some large ones that will be at the bottom of your driftwood Christmas tree and some shorter pieces, which will be placed towards the top of your DIY Christmas tree. If you can’t imagine how the tree will look, then, lay the pieces down and arrange them according to their length. This will give you an idea of what your future driftwood tree will look like. Grab some extra pieces, as some of them can break during the process.

Step 2: Make a hole in each driftwood piece

Before starting your DIY project, make sure to give your pieces of wood a good clean (with water/bleach) and leave them outside to dry completely. Now, let’s make a driftwood Xmas tree – start by drilling holes in the middle of each branch. To make sure that each piece of wood will easily slide down the rod, use a larger drill-bit. You also need to drill a hole into the topper, in our case, this is a starfish so be careful as they’re a bit fragile. 

Step 3: Drill a hole into the base

If you’re using a log as a base, drill a hole in the middle at least 3/4 of the way through, by using a drill-bit of the same width as the reinforcing rod. Place the rod into the hole and to make sure it fits perfectly without swaying, tap it in with the help of a hammer. Anyway, if you are about to use a driftwood chunk as a base also drill a hole on the base, but use a doweling rod instead of reinforcing. To make the rod stable, you need to use glue at the base and let it dry overnight. 

Step 4: It’s time to assemble your driftwood tree

Start from the longest to the shortest one. To achieve that realistic and 3-dimensional look, stack each piece in a different direction – about 30 to 60-degree rotation from the lower branch is perfect. If you have any curved pieces, point the curvings up, as this will also make your tree one idea more realistic. If you don’t want branches to wiggle, you can glue them one to others. However, if you leave them unglued, it will be easier for you to store your driftwood Xmas tree. For example, you can rotate them in a straight line (2-dimensional arrangement), so it takes less space. 

Step 5: As a final touch, put the starfish

Here you have two options, to make a hole into the starfish or simply glue it to the top. The second will not look that aesthetic, but at least the method will prevent you from breaking your topper. 

As you can see, making your own Christmas tree is not that hard. There are many non-traditional Christmas tree ideas that are worth giving a chance. Way better than resorting to plastics that we should try to reduce anyway. Driftwood Christmas trees are the most eco-friendly and at the same time creative decor. What could be better than creative-thinking and DIY projects that decorate our home and help the environment, as well.

Would you like a real Christmas tree delivered to your doorstep?

Having some family time and teaching your kids about teamwork, while making your driftwood Christmas tree doesn’t stop you from decorating your home with a real one, of course! So, why not take advantage of our Christmas tree delivery service this coming holiday season? Fantastic Services works with some of the best growers and can supply you with a quality non-drop Nordmann Fir tree or a pot-grown Norway Spruce, on a day that suits you best. Delivery is free of charge if you are located within the M25 zone. So, hurry up because Christmas is just around the corner!

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  • You can decorate your driftwood Christmas tree with sustainable decor like ribbons made from biscuits, mistletoe, or berries.
  • You can place your driftwood Christmas tree on your front porch and this will give your property a nice rustic look and feel. 
  • Making that kind of tree, of course, will cost you next to nothing.
  • When the time to take down your Christmas tree comes, it might be helpful to know how you can store your Christmas tree.


Did you find our post helpful? Then, why not share it with your friends? Do you have your own tips on how to make a driftwood Christmas tree? Please, tell us in the comments below!

Image source: Shutterstock / marilyn barbone

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