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We’re making headlines again and this time it’s in Money Week, the UK’s best-selling financial magazine. They provide intelligent and enjoyable commentary on the most important financial stories that are happening, now! They also provide thought provoking and practical advice on how to get ahead in business.

Rune Sovndahl, CEO and co-founder of Fantastic Services, was featured explaining how Fantastic Services made their first million. So how did it all happen? It started in 2009 when Rune met his now financial partner, Anton Skarlatov. The financial market in the UK wasn’t doing great, however, the cleaning industry was being revolutionised. Rune originally agreed to help Anton out with a website but they realised that both had a shared vision and a great partnership was born. Something they both recognised was that cleaning was seen as a dull and low paid job. Workers had low morale, low wages and, as a result, customers weren’t getting the quality of service that they deserved. So, Rune came up with a “360-degree happiness philosophy” – aiming to treat everyone as a partner in the business, from staff to customers. The result was an increase in employee and customer satisfaction. Customers not only became happier, they also became repeat ones meaning the business kept on growing. So part of the secret to success was happy cleaners!

However, with any type of success, someone always gets jealous. Rival firms tried making things difficult and Fantastic Services experienced everything from slashed tyres to stolen vans. But, this didn’t get them down! It actually brought about changes and the company overhauled its system for dealing with orders. After a while, they branched out into handymen and pest control, whilst still making sure that they had the tools and skills to deliver the service efficiently.

So after making the business a success what does the future hold? Well, now the focus is on offering the service to the rest of the UK, and Rune and Anton are thinking about franchising the Fantastic model to other countries. Sovndahl talked about three keys to success. First you need to be emotionally ready as being an entrepreneur can be hard work. Secondly, you need to ‘get your hands dirty’ and finally, it’s about choosing the right people to work with. With Fantastic Services set to reach over £30m in turnover this year, we can only hope to keep going from strength to strength.

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Last update: September 14, 2018

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