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Move a Pool Table by Yourself: Can You Do It and How

Moving a pool table in the same room is quite the challenge and moving it outside the house is nearly impossible. Well, unless you have help and the proper knowledge. Then you can actually pull it off safely, but even so, this is no easy task.

If you:

  • Are in the middle of moving house and need to move this heavy contraption as well.
  • Wonder how to move a pool table without taking it apart.
  • Wonder how to move a pool table on your own.

Then read along this step-by-step guide on pool table moving. You will learn what tools you need, how to use them and different scenarios on how to move the pool table.

Can you move a pool table by yourself?

You cannot move your pool table completely by yourself, however, you can move it a short distance with help from some friends. But why are pool tables so heavy to begin with?

The playing surface of the pool table is made of a rock called slate. Slate is heavy on its own, so the table must be constructed with durable materials and in such a way that it won’t break under its weight.

The result is a contraption reaching about 1000 pounds (453 kilograms). The slate alone can weigh around 450 pounds (205 kilograms), while the rest of the weight comes from the wood frame, railings, legs, pockets and decorative elements.

3 piece slate tables are the most popular choice for home use, however, there are models which have a single large block of slate instead of 3 smaller ones. There are also medium-density fiberboard pool tables. A lighter and cheaper option however not as long-lasting, MDF pool tables only weigh around 100-300 pounds (45-136 kilograms).

Regardless of what kind of table you have, you still need at least 4, maybe 5, pool table movers even if you only want the table moved several centimetres. Failure to bring helpers might result in serious back injury and damage to the table and nearby items.

Need your pool table moved? Call experienced movers today for a stress-free service.

Moving a heavy pool table the right way

There is more than one method to move a pool table according to how far you want it moved. You can disassemble it, if you need to transport it to another property or floor, or you can keep it in one piece if you want to move it to a different spot or room on the same floor.

How to dismantle a pool table and move it

Before any kind of disassembly of the pool table can begin, you need to equip yourself with the following tools. You can either buy or ask a neighbour, just know that you will always need them when it comes to relocating your pool table.

You will need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill
  • Socket wrench
  • Staple remover
  • Moving blankets

The proper approach to taking apart any pool table is to work from top to bottom. Some people may wonder how long does it take to disassemble a pool table? Around two to three hours at most. Also, you should have at least one helper, to hold the table when you remove certain parts of it.

With that said, this is how to take apart your pool table to move.

  • Remove table pockets – You have a total of 6 pockets to take care of, 4 in the corners and 2 on the sides. Usually, the pockets are attached to the table via staples, so this is where you use the staple remover. You can also use a flathead screwdriver as an alternative. All you need to do is lay below each pocket and remove the staples. Don’t lie directly under the pockets, otherwise, some of the staples might fall into your eyes. The pockets will fall on their own when there are no more staples to hold them.
  • Remove rails – The rails are held together by bolts, which you can unscrew with your socket wrench. Afterwards, slide each rail free. Mind, it’s possible that the rails are attached in sections. If that proves to be the case, you will need somebody to help you flip them over at once and disconnect them.
  • Remove the felt – The most delicate and boring task in taking apart the pool table. You need to remove all the staples which hold the felt to the slate and, at the same time, be really careful not to rip the fabric. It’s possible that some felt areas are glued. If that is the case, pull it backwards and the felt should come off. Don’t pull upward or forwards.
  • Detach the slate – Use the power drill with the right drill bit and unscrew the screws holding the slate to the table frame. You might have one giant piece of slate-like mentioned earlier or 3 separate ones. Wrap the slate in your transport blankets, so it won’t get scratched.
  • Detach the legs – Again, use the drill to unscrew the bolts holding the legs to the frame.

Now you can load everything in the moving van. When you load the slates, palace the protective blanket over them. Afterwards, place the frame on the slates. Keep all the bolts and screws in separate labelled bags so everything is neat and organised. When you arrive at your new place rebuild your pool table in reverse order.

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How to move a pool table without taking it apart

Moving a slate pool table in one piece can only work when you need to cover a short distance. Moving it from one room to the next or moving it across the room are good examples of such times.

For this procedure to work, you will need:

  • Tape measure
  • 4 steel dollies

Here is how to proceed:

  • Measure – Measure all the door frames you will need to pass through. If all of the door frames are wider, you’re in luck you will be able to move the table without taking it apart
  • Position the dollies – Position each dolly close to each table leg. The closer the better.
  • Clear the path – Remove any items, nearby pieces of furniture and carpets which can get in the way of the pool table as it’s being pushed to its new destination. Yes, even the carpets, as they can jam the wheels.
  • Position dollies under legs – Have your helpers lift one end of the table and place the dollies below each leg.
  • Brace the dollies – If your dollies have locking mechanisms on the wheels, switch them on. That’s so the table won’t go anywhere when you lift the other end. If the dollies don’t have locking mechanisms, find something to put under them to jam the wheels.
  • Lift the other end of the table – Place the other two dollies below the legs of that side.
  • Move the table – Unlock the first two dollies and you are ready to go. Apply firm, steady pressure to the table to move it. Have a helper at the front so they can help you steer the table, while you and another friend push the table from the back. Position yourselves at the two back corners.
  • Remove dollies – When you reach the desired spot, set the table exactly as you want it and brace two of the dollies. Lift the other end and remove the dollies underneath its legs. Then lift the first end and remove the dollies from there.

Remember to always lift with your legs and keep your back straight whilst doing so.

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How much does it cost to move a pool table?

If you don’t feel like moving the pool table by yourself, there is always the option to entrust this task to professionals. In this case, it’s good to research and find reliable removal specialists, as well as get informed about the approximate price of the service in advance.

The average price of moving a pool table ranges between £80 and £200 for short-distance moves and can go up to £3,000 for long-distance transportation of professional pool tables. Numerous factors come into play when calculating the final prices, so take the numbers you just read with a huge grain of salt.

With that in mind, the cost factors for moving a pool table are:

  • Size and weight of the table – Obviously with great size comes great weight. Also, as you already know, slate tables are much heavier than MDF pool tables, so moving them will inevitably cost more.
  • Time – With the size of the pool table, inevitably comes the aspect of time. The larger it is, the longer it will take for the movers to disassemble, pack and put it back together at your new address.
  • Location – The further away you want your pool table moved from your current location, the more fuel the movers will need to burn through.

Regardless of the type of pool table you have, we can move it safely!

Get your reliable professional movers today!

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  • Use dollies under your pool table if you only want to move it within the same room or to the room next door.
  • Disassemble your tool table if you need to move it to another floor or address.
  • Always lift with your feet and keep your back straight.
  • Always have friends to help you with the weight of the table.

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