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How to Pack Kitchen Appliances for Moving (small edition)

Whenever you are getting ready for a big move, the small details are the ones that will make the whole relocation process a bit easier. That includes knowing how to properly pack your small kitchen appliances, not only the big ones.

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So, if you are someone who:

  • Is moving out to a new property and wants to handle all the packing yourself ;
  • Is helping out a close friend or a relative to move out from their flat or house;
  • Is just getting into the packing business;

…then this article is just for you!

What to do before you start

Just like when packing any other item, you need to prepare yourself first. Here is what you have to do:

  • Properly clean and dry all the appliances you want to pack.
  • Some of them you will probably have to disassemble, otherwise, it will be harder to fit them in a box.
  • In the best case scenario, you would have the original boxes in which the appliances came in. Using them will reduce any potential damage during the move. You will also be able to fit more of the appliances in the big boxes you will put in the removals vehicle.
  • Gather the needed packing materials such as packing paper, tape, bubble wrap, scissors, markers along with small and medium-sized boxes for moving.
  • You can be more organized by making an inventory checklist. Write down all the appliances you have and scratch out the name of the ones you have packed.

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Now that you are done with the preparations and you have all the moving essentials, it’s time to pack starting with…

How to pack a coffee maker

A coffee machine is the type of appliance that you will need to dismantle before you put it in the moving box. If you have the original packaging, there probably is an instruction manual that you can follow when disassembling. If not, you can always check with the manufacturer.

  • In case the original box is not present, take one that is at least two times bigger than the coffee machine.
  • Fill it with balled up packing paper.
  • Put the machine upright in the middle of a sheet of paper.
  • Place a couple of sheets over the coffee maker.
  • Wrap it by using the paper on and under the machine.
  • Secure everything with the packing tape.
  • Put the machine in the centre of the box.
  • Repeat the packing procedure with the rest of the parts.
  • Place them at the corners of the box.
  • Fill the rest of the space with more balled-up packing paper.
  • Seal the box properly with the packing tape and label it.

How to pack a toaster

Toasters rarely have any removable parts, but if yours does, detach them carefully before you start packing.

  • Place the toaster in the lower right or left part of a packing paper sheet.
  • Wrap it and secure each end with tape.
  • Now put it on another sheet of paper and wrap it again.
  • The more layers of packing paper there are, the safer the transportation will be for your beloved toaster.
  • If you have the original box, make sure that the appliance will fit inside with all of those paper layers.
  • Fill the empty space with more packing paper, seal the box with tape, and label it.

How to pack your microwave

Because microwaves are one of the bigger small kitchen appliances, to pack one safely, you will need a medium sized box. This, of course, is in case you don’t have the original one.

  • Place a couple of sheets on the bottom of the packing box.
  • Take out the removable components such as the turntable.
  • If the turntable is a glass type, wrap it carefully in bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
  • Tape the cable to the back of the microwave.
  • Wrap the machine with plenty of paper layers, taping each one.
  • Place the microwave in the box of your choice and put the wrapped turntable on the top of it.
  • Fill the rest of the machine with more packing paper.
  • Seal the box with as much packing tape as needed and label it with a marker before you put it away for moving.

How to pack a blender

Blenders have plenty of removable parts, so make sure to fully take it apart before you start packing.

  • Clean and dry the different parts thoroughly.
  • Wrap each one of them with several layers of packing paper.
  • Secure the sheets with tape.
  • If you are placing the blender in a random box and not the original one, fill it with balled up paper.
  • Start putting the parts in the box and place a bit of packing paper after each one.
  • Make sure that all of the empty space is filled.
  • Tape the box and label it.

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  • Before you start packing, look for the original boxes of your small kitchen appliances.
  • Clean each item from excess food and dirt built-up. Make sure they are completely dry before you start packing.
  • If the appliance needs disassembling, check the guide beforehand so you don’t break anything by accident.
  • If you don’t have enough packing paper, fill the empty spaces in the box with newspaper.

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If you have any personal experience with packing appliances, you can share it in the comments.

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