How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur: Rune Writes For Virgin Magazine

rune writes for virgin

Write a guest article about how to succeed as an entrepreneur in an unsexy industry?

Okay Virgin Magazine, Rune’s on it. Fantastic Services’ Co-Founder and CEO Rune Sovndahl knows an awful lot about turning a start-up business in an industry as – theoretically – dirty as domestic services into a success.

So if you’re just beginning a new business venture in a sector not traditionally known for its glamour, this article might just be worth a read.

With a tagline like “Inspiration, innovation and advice“, and an entrepreneur as justifiably famous as Richard Branson as its CEO, it’s no surprise that the Virgin Magazine website’s “Entrepreneur” section is such a good source of tips and tricks for prospective business leaders.

For Rune to be asked to contribute the lessons he’s learned trying to grow a business in an “unsexy” industry was a signal honour for the Fantastic Services CEO.

Tips and Tricks For Entrepreneurial Success

Rune’s advice is equally good for most start-up businesses, but it’ll be of particular use to you if your new company is in a sector of the market that’s traditionally seen as mundane or unglamorous.

Some of the topics you might find of interest are:

  • Sell your brand – just because your industry isn’t one known for being light-hearted or fun, it doesn’t mean that your brand can’t play with its marketing materials.
  • Do your research – learn what your customer wants and how to communicate with them (this is such a vital business tip that you can’t really leave it out).
  • Bring change to your industry – it’s no good just doing what everybody else does. By promoting change you’ll be making yourself relevant.
  • Tell your story – this isn’t just about your brand. It’s about trying to connect with your audience, which is equally worthwhile no matter your industry.

That’s only a brief overview of course! To get more tips for entrepreneurs, and see what other pearls of wisdom Rune’s gained along the way – turning Fantastic Services into a £28 million turnover business last year – you should check out the article for yourself.

Learn How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur

You can read the article about how to succeed as an entrepreneur in full over on the Virgin Magazine’s website.

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Last update: August 22, 2018

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