How to Use Pokemon Go for Business

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If you were spending your summer vacation on a distant island without any WI-FI up until now, Pokemon Go is a free app, available for Android and iPhone, that took the world by storm. Developed by Niantic Inc., the game is an absolute hit on the market for games, as it brings the virtual and real word together in what is called – an augmented reality version. Kid and adult users walk all over the cities, trying to catch them all Pokemons which pop up in different random locations on the map of your own city. However, owners of local business can benefit immensely from the current hype of the app.

Here are a few business strategies to catch them all customers, by using Pokemon Go.

1. Use Social Media to Advertise Poke Stops


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Poke Stops are places where trainers can go and collect items or train their Pokemon. If you have lots of Poke Stops around your business place, you can use social media to tell Pokemon Go users, so they can come to you. Be active with the most used hashtags – like #PokemonGo for example.

2. Offer Deals for Pokemon Go Players

pokemon go strategies for local business

Many shop owners got annoyed by players and chased them out of their shops for not buying anything. However, it’s a lot better to offer special deals for players. For example, offer vouchers for trainers who bring you a picture of a certain Pokemon.

3. Offer People to Charge Their Phones at Your Place

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The already millions of users who installed and actively use the app know how easily Pokemon Go drains a phone’s battery. To run, the game requires working GPS, working internet connection and a switched on screen. If you want to see the little creature in front of you as well, you need to turn on your camera, too. This forces players to go around with their chargers, as well as their own charging stations. But even those are useless after several hours of walking around.

This is why a shop, or a cafe that offers players to come in and charge their phones is a God given. Not only would some of the players end up buying something, but they’ll also tell others that your business is an available pit stop. Already several stores across USA are offering secure charging lockers for phones, even for people who are not clients of the establishment itself, all in the name of the brand awareness.

4. Use Lures for Visits

pokemon go marketing strategies for local business


If your business place is near a Poke Stop, you can use the Lure function to… well, lure Pokemon in your vicinity. When someone uses the Lure function, the nearby players will see it and will definitely come by to catch whatever they can. And, if your place catches their eye, they might even stop and get a refreshment.

Even better, if you also let them charge their phones.

5. Direct Contact with Customers Through Social Media


If it so happened that people have made a photo of themselves and tagged the place they were at, you can respond to them and increase your brand visibility.

6. Purchase Poke Coins with Real Money

pokemon go marketing strategies for business

You have only two free uses of the Lure function. If you’d like to do it again, you need to invest some money.

Poke Coins is the currency used to buy functions like Lure, more pokeballs, more eggs, and just about anything. You buy those with real money, so this is about investment. You can decide for yourself what would be more profitable for your business.

7. Host Gym Battle Tournaments

The Pokemon craze is real once again, only this time it’s amplified tenfold.

A Pokemon Gym is a place where trainers can get more competitive with each other and organise Pokemon Battles. If your business is closer to a Gym, than to a Poke Stop, you can incentivize players to come. Advertise that you’ll be hosting a tournament in social media. Offer discounts for the winners, and let everyone charge their phones.

You’re going to be remembered with a lot of fondness.

You can also use services like Periscope and Facebook Live to broadcast what’s happening in social media and attract even more trainers near by. After the tournament, you can keep score and make photos with everyone, which you can later share on social media.

8. Host a Poke Hunt

pokemon go marketing strategies

You can be more strategic with the Lure function and advertise your plans on social media. Tell players you’re going to activate it at a certain time, and you’ll have people ready to start the hunt beforehand.

Tell everyone when they’ll do this and your business will generate a lot more interest. This is especially effective for restaurants, cafes and other shops that offer food and drinks.

9. Cater to Individual Teams

There are three main teams (or factions) in the game, which players can choose – Team Valor, Team Mystic and Team Instinct. You can capitalise on that by offering discounts only to specific teams that seem to be in your area. Team members are very proud of their team mates, and giving them special deals would put your place on the spot.

10. Promote the Pokemon in Your Area


Make a picture and let it roam in social media. “There is a Pikachu over here, anyone want to come and catch it?”

You can also use the chance to give information about what’s happening in your area.

Final Thoughts

This app is still in development, which means it has lots of errors to clean up and lots of other possibilities to expand. It is said that soon trainers would be able to trade Pokemon and other items, even get in touch with each other over distance.

So, there’s a great chance that the hype around the game won’t just disappear in a few weeks time. The sooner you start working on your business strategy, the better.

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Last update: August 23, 2018

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