We at Fantastic Services agree whole-heartedly with Confucius musings “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Now, of course, a hot-cross bun tester will most likely concur, but how about those who work in, let’s say less tasty and desirable occupations. Well, as it turns out we have one such employee who bucks the trend and relishes his somewhat unusual job.

Before we delve in details on how does a pest control franchise work, we will introduce you to one of Fantastic Pest Control’s army generals, who’s got some tips for people who are planning to go into the highly-profitable franchise market.

Meet Mario Stanchev, who has been battling with bugs as part of our pest control team for the last two years. His might not be one of the most glamourous trades, but no one can say that the work is boring.

Tips & Tricks of the Pest Controller Trade

This is apparent when Mario recounted a confrontation with a gang of spiders, only to be told to save the customers beloved pet arachnid. Whatever the critter, he is always happy to help. Well, maybe mice and pigeons are giving the hardest of times since they are super tricky and can easily escape the clutches of the pros.

In fact, it’s this part of the job that he loves most. “I see first-hand how scared some of our customers are of unwelcome pests in their home“, Mario says. “I like helping them getting rid of something they wouldn’t be able to do themselves.

Another reason Mario does a stellar job is because he is keeping up with the latest advancements in pest controlling methods. That is because throughout the years, pests have developed a resistance towards certain poisons. “We always ensure we are on top of the latest technology“, he says. “Being educated on the subject at hand is something I’d recommend to all current and future franchise partners of Fantastic Services.”

And like any noteworthy superhero, he has a trusty side-kick in his pet cat and assistant “Tom”. His feline friend and colleague like nothing more than to ride along with Mario and on the odd occasion be given the role of chief mice-hunter.

Mario’s advice on how to keep the pests at bay is simple; maintain a clean home and spring clean once in a while.

All said and done, you’re probably already wondering how does a franchise work and what are your options to start a pest control business in the UK. Read on the next lines where we will throw some light on the matter at hand.

How Does a Franchise Work

A franchise is a system that benefits both a parent company and an individual or a smaller company. Some of the most famous examples of such a business are McDonalds and Subway (and all other fast-food chains). Both of them have thousands of stores around the world. Each store is run by the smaller company, but all of them use the name of the big one. So the smaller business partners can take advantage of using the well-known name (instead of their own), the reputation of the company and its resources as well as the already established market in exchange for a fee (simply said you rent the name/ reputation, etc. but you are your own boss at the same time).

What’s more, some franchise systems delve into educating, training and providing support, clientele and marketing tools to the franchisors, as it is the case with Fantastic Services. Read more below for what we offer our current and future business partners.

Pest Control Franchise Opportunities

Fantastic Pest Control is part of Fantastic Services. It was founded in 2013, as at the time there was a huge gap between demand and supply and there were little to none quality pest control businesses. Our mission is to provide high-quality pest control services to our clients and make sure that our franchise partners are well- supported in their daily busines affairs. We do that by applying new technology methods and keeping track of the latest trends of the industry. Our comprehensive customer relation management system, as well as a mobile app that are just a fraction of the ways we create pleasant experiences for our partners and customers.

To start a pest control franchise, first and foremost, you should NOT have a phobia of spiders, mice and cockroaches. Now that this is out of the picture, let’s delve into the details:

  • Work permit for the UK – either as a self-employed individual or as a registered company;
  • Good level of English and communication skills – you’ll be working in a team, so that’s a necessity;
  • Holding a Pest Control Certificate or License is considered an ADVANTAGE (but we provide support to acquire them);
  • Experience in pest control and safety regulations knowledge is considered an ADVANTAGE (however, we help you gain the necessary knowledge);
  • Driving license and vehicle (we can assist you with the latter);
  • Tools & Equipment (we can help with finding those for you as well);
  • Positive attitude and knack for developing a business;

View your franchise options with Join Fantastic – our dedicated website to power up profitable business in London.


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  • Last update: February 28, 2020

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