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Why Hiring a Professional Cleaner is Worth the Investment for Your Move-Out Clean

Moving out of a rental property is a long and tiring process that often needs to be done on a tight schedule. You find yourself occupied with packing and arranging your belongings and, on top of that, you have to also find time to get your property deep cleaned.

Not only is it ethical to leave it in excellent condition, but if you don’t, you actually risk losing your security deposit. If you feel swamped with moving-out tasks, getting help from a professional cleaning service might be worth considering. This blog post will help you better understand the benefits of hiring end-of-tenancy cleaners, so you can decide whether it’s worth investing money in that kind of service.

Saves you a lot of time

When moving out, you have a huge to-do list, including, notifying your work place or school, decluttering, packing, transporting your belongings safely, etc. All of this is no small project on its own, but perhaps one of the most time-consuming activities is cleaning the place.

Professionals know how to be efficient and use their time wisely to transform the rental property in half the time a standard DIY cleaning would normally take.

Thanks to specialised training, years of experience and by using effective cleaning products and equipment, they can clean the whole property, leaving no stone unturned. While you may have to take a few days off work to do everything, an expert cleaner can finish it all in a few hours. And since moving out is often time-sensitive, opting for a professional end of tenancy cleaning service makes even more sense.

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No cleaning effort required from you

End of tenancy cleaning isn’t the same as your day-to-day house cleaning. You have to up your cleaning game to ensure the property is up to standard. Tasks you’ve been putting off for years, like descaling a heavily stained toilet, scrubbing every part of the bathroom or washing the windows inside out, should be done before you give away your keys.

In other words, end of tenancy cleaning takes a lot of effort and may leave you drained before even finishing half the house. Hiring professionals can take your mind off all the cleaning and focus your effort on other aspects of moving out.

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Ensures thorough cleaning

Your landlord or property manager expects to find the house in a spotless condition, which is demanding. Without professional help, it’s challenging to get each nook and cranny cleaned to perfection and missing important elements happens quite often. Professional cleaners use checklists and are experts at tackling all areas in the property, even the hard-to-reach ones like:

  • Under/behind kitchen appliances: Most of us neglect the space under or behind kitchen appliances and they are known to collect a lot of dust, food debris and grime.
  • Ovens: Cleaning the oven takes a lot of work because of the grease build-up. Additionally, in order to get all the dirt off, parts of the appliance may have to be disassembled, like the door, for instance. This requires knowledge and skill that experienced cleaners have for sure. They can not only clean the oven effectively, but also put everything back together, so no damage is caused to the appliance.
  • Carpets: Carpets collect a lot of stains over the years and the expert hot water extraction cleaning method professionals use is the best chance to eradicate them for good. Any unpleasant smells can be eradicated, too. Learn here whether landlords can charge for carpet cleaning at the end of the tenancy.
  • Baseboards: Baseboards collect a lot of dust, especially in high-traffic areas and they often are skipped during a standard DIY cleaning.
  • Walls: Walls get covered by stains and smudges, which build up and become permanent unless cleaned periodically. A professional cleaner can take care of these, as well.
  • Top shelves of tall cabinets: The higher shelves are often hard to reach and might need special equipment, like a cordless vacuum.
  • Light fixtures and door knobs: They need to be wiped down, and while it’s not hard, you could easily forget them.
  • Bathrooms: Bathrooms require a lot of work and there is a lot of ground to cover, even more so if there is a mould problem. With the proper cleaning agents and skill, all can be removed.

Rest assured that the Fantastic cleaning team will tackle all these areas and leave them gleaming. Learn about everything the well-trained end of tenancy cleaning team could do for you and your property, along with prices, deals and more.

Increases the chances of receiving a full security deposit back

A good 56% of disputes between landlords and tenants are related to insufficient cleaning. Although a landlord cannot force a tenant to hire a professional cleaning company for the move out cleaning, it’s stillexpected from the tenant to abide by a high cleaning standard. After all, the rental property will have to be as clean as when the tenant first moved in, otherwise deduction from the security deposit is imminent.

So, it’s worth to consider whether hiring a professional cleaning service is the better option if you do not feel confident or lack the necessary time to achieve the expected cleaning standard yourself.

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Expertise in handling specific cleaning requirements

Professional cleaners can handle all cleaning requirements, even those specific to your property or type of furniture. Whether you need to deep-clean carpets, sanitise your kitchen, or remove stubborn stains, they can do everything you request.

The well-trained cleaning professionals are knowledgeable of different cleaning products and techniques. They can assess your specific cleaning needs and recommend the best solutions to achieve the desired results.

Moreover, professional cleaning companies use specialised tools and equipment like high-powered vacuums, steam cleaners, and pressure washers. These tools enable them to clean and sanitise your rented property, ensuring it is free from dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

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Minimises health risks

Standard cleaning products often contain chemicals that can be harmful, especially if handled by more sensitive people with allergies or other conditions. The products could cause respiratory problems or skin irritation, among other things. In addition, dust and dirt that stir up during cleaning can trigger allergies and asthma, as well. So, all of these things need to be considered before undertaking such an extensive cleaning.

You may also risk injuring yourself if you’re attempting to clean surfaces or objects too high, like glass windows, light fixtures, etc. Straining your back while lifting and moving heavy furniture from carpets is a common injury, which you should avoid.

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Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind

As mentioned above, hiring a professional end of tenancy cleaner gives you peace of mind for several reasons. The specialists you hire have experience getting the best cleaning results in less time, with efficiency and professionalism.

Moreover, they are trained to work with different tools and equipment that may prove challenging for the untrained hand. They will also provide all of these when you hire them, so you don’t have to worry about finding any of it. And they take extra safety precautions when operating equipment like vacuum cleaners and pressure washers.

If you’re worried about accidents, professional cleaners have insurance, meaning you will be covered against damages. In case you or your landlord are unsatisfied with the cleaning, we at Fantastic Services will be happy to send a cleaning crew for a redo. We are always ready to assist you, no matter the scope or complexity of your cleaning task.

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  • Cleaning your property before moving out takes a lot of time and effort, adding up to an already tiresome relocating process.
  • Hiring professionals can save time, effort and get your security deposit back in full, as these professionals specialise in providing top results.
  • Because of their training and experience, cleaning professionals do a better job and provide a higher standard of cleaning that is certainly expected by your landlord.
  • Cleaning professionals take safety measures to avoid any health risks or accidents.
  • End of tenancy cleaning services ensures you get your safety deposit and avoid disputes.
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