Imagine spending your day off at home, enjoying the cool autumn days… So, you’re minding your own business when suddenly you realise a squeaking sound is filling the calmness of your home.

Could your house be haunted?

Sources of a Squeaking Sound

Let’s investigate like professional detectives (or ghost hunters). In order to find the source of the problem, ask yourself a few questions.

Is the squeaking constant?

Sounds are usually created by movement. Movement can be at random intervals, constant, or it might appear only if caused by something else. If you can hear the sound at all time, this means there’s a constant movement somewhere in your home.

Next question would be:

Is there something in motion?

Of course, there are certain home appliances that are constantly turned on, such as the refrigerator, or the air conditioner. Then again, the refrigerator has no reason to squeak and the air conditioner isn’t on because your windows are open. Remember? So that you can enjoy the fresh autumn air while you can. Now that you think about it, it’s a little chilly and drafty in the room. And, when you look at it closely, the window flap is moving.

Could ghosts do that?

Of course, they could! Ghosts can do a lot of strange things in your house. Causing your doors to open seemingly by themselves, or make your floors squeak, not to mention the sound their chains make as they roam during the night. If you have pets, they will be the first to notify you about any ethereal presence.

However, you should ultimately ask yourself if ghosts should be your primary concern. After all…

Your window is squeaking

It started with an assumption of the supernatural only to end up being the most disappointingly boring conclusion. But who can blame you? Halloween is coming. Now, time to decide what you’re going to do with your squeaky problem. Your window has been squeaking upon opening and closing for a while.

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What Causes a Squeaky Window?

The problem comes from the hinges of the window. It’s quite normal for them to produce a squeaking sound after some time. The main reason for that is miniature dust grinding between them that causes friction upon opening and closing the window. Add some moisture and it produces rust. The irritating sounds commence and sometimes this even forced you to use slightly more effort when opening and closing the window (though people don’t usually notice it).

How to Fix a Squeaky Window

  • Clean the hinges. Sometimes, a good clean of the hinges is enough to remove the squeaking sound. After all, when we clean the windows, we concentrate on the glass and the frames, but always forget about the hinges. Use a wire, wool or sandpaper for the process.
  • Apply a hinge lubricant. If the squeaks continue after the clean, in order to stop the squeaks, you have to lube up the hinges. For that, you need an aerosol lubricating oil. You can get an instant result if you use a spray with a small nozzle. Remember not to overspray because you might stain the window frame.
  • Straighten bent pins. If the problem persists, it might be caused by deformed hinge pins. Straightening the pins needs a certain set of skills, so the Fantastic Services team advise you to contact a professional. If you try to do it by yourself, you might not just ruin the pin, but the window or door as well.

In order to spare yourself such an annoying maintenance issue, it’s important to regularly wipe off any oil drips, dust or grime from the hinges of all your doors and windows. Doing it regularly will spare you a lot of time and money.

With the approach of Halloween, a lot of maintenance issues, such as squeaking doors and windows can seem like a plot point form a horror show. So, rather than being a source of irritation (as they are during the rest of the year), they fill you with excitement. But always remember, home maintenance is just as important during the holidays.

  • Last update: May 27, 2019

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