Rune Sovndahl and Share Radio Talk about the Importance of Leisure Time

Rune Sovndahl on Share Radio

Are we a lazy nation, or do we just appreciate our spare time?

Georgie Frost of Share Radio recently had an interesting chat with Rune Sovndahl CEO of Fantastic Services on her live show “Consuming Issues”. They talked about the reasons that British people hire a cleaner, and why a large percentage of those that do don’t tell their family and friends about it.

New research has revealed, that a third of UK households employ someone to help out with domestic chores. So are we a lazy nation, or just more discerning about how we spend our free time? According to Rune, nowadays we lead busier lives and it’s inevitable that we’re paying for help around the home. He explains that “it isn’t about laziness; it’s about people wanting to get more out of their lives. Nobody has enough time in London. You go to the gym, have hobbies, work and have children. There are so many things to do, go to the theatre, go to the cinema, really enjoying your life. Then taking 4-6 hours a week to clean, it’s quite a lot. It’s almost like a full working day. It’s about our customers getting more out of life, getting things done and not worrying about them.”

Another poll revealed that two-thirds of us hire a cleaner won’t admit it. Rune believes that it’s because so many of us feel like it is a luxury, when what we need to do is realise that our time is precious. However he explains that “people are starting to accept that in order to function at a high-performance level, then you need to outsource some of those things that you’re not so good at.”

So, how do you go about finding a good cleaner that you can reply on? Well, Rune thinks part of this is that it’s important to have different ways to give feedback to them. He’s found that some clients are uncomfortable when it comes to giving direct feedback, so Fantastic Services enable clients to give feedback to their cleaner and the company as well, about what does and doesn’t work for them. He also explains that it’s about trust, “because you’re letting someone into your home – whose going to be looking at your things, whose going to be moving your things around, arranging your books and putting your things up.”

To hear the full interview, click here.

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Last update: August 24, 2018

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