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Common LG appliance fault codes

Do you have an LG appliance that suddenly won’t do what you need it to do? You might have one of the common LG error codes on your appliance’s display. Or you might have noticed that your dishwasher doesn’t wash properly anymore. Or perhaps your washing machine doesn’t drain?

Here you will find everything you need to know about what can go wrong with LG appliances and what to do about it when it does.

Divining what’s wrong with your LG appliance is usually nice and easy. Some brands require you to go through a complicated process. Not LG. Your display screen should show you any LG washing machine error codes that your appliance is having. Then all you need to do is compare that to a list (like the one below) and figure out if you can fix the issue yourself or you will need to bring in a certified appliance technician.

So if you:

  • Have LG washing machine or dishwasher which is malfunctioning
  • Your LG appliance shows a fault code
  • Want to know more about the error code and how to fix it

Then, read on!

LG common washing machine error codes

Some LG washing machine fault codes can be relatively quick to fix on your own. For instance, Error DE is a “Draining Error”. This is often caused by the drain hose being tied in knots or simply kinked. That’s something you can check yourself. You can also always check your washing machine filters to see if they’ve become blocked. When you see LG washing machine error code OE (blocked pump) that should probably be first on your list of things to do.

But for most LG washing machine error codes, you’ll need a professional repairman. For example, Error CE is a “Current Error”. It usually means there’s a problem with how your washing machine is receiving power. You won’t want to be fiddling around with your washing machine’s motor without proper knowledge and training.

Also unlike some other brands, the self-diagnosis system of LG appliances tends to work very well. Simply compare the LG washing machine error code on your machine with this list to see what’s going on:

  • Error IE – Water Inlet error. Indicates a problem with the water supply.
  • Error DE – Draining Error. – The drain hose being kinked or clogged or the drain filter being clogged could cause this error.
  • Error OE – Blocked pump
  • Error UE – Unbalanced Error. – This means that the load is too small, overloaded, or out of balance.
  • Error dE – Door Open Error.
  • Error tE, TE1, TE2, TE3, TE4 – Heating Error.
  • Error FE – Overflow Error. Water valve error.
  • Error PE – Pressure Sensor Switch malfunction.
  • Error CE – Current Error. Overload in the motor.
  • Error LE – Lock Error. Motor fault.
  • Error PF – Power Failure.
  • Error dHE – Dry Heater fault.
  • Error AESuspected Leak.
  • Error EHE / ELE – Heater malfunction

Do you need a professional LG Washing maching machine repair?

LG common dishwasher error codes

Problems with your LG dishwasher are usually equally simple to diagnose. Examine the readout on your appliance, then consult the list of LG dishwasher error codes below.

Again, there are a few that you might be able to resolve yourself. Your first step should always be to check and clean the filters. But after that, you may need some expert assistance.

One special LG dishwasher fault code to watch out for though is “CD”. That’s not actually an error. These letters tell you the machine is running a “Cool and Dry” cycle after a Quick cycle. Everything is fine – nothing to see here! For everything else, here’s the list of codes:

  • Error IE – Water Inlet error. Indicates a problem with the water supply.
  • Error OE – Blocked pump.
  • Error EI – Leak detected.
  • Error FE – Overflow Error. Water valve error.
  • Error tEHeating Error. Temperature sensor / Thermistor fault.
  • Error LE – Motor fault.
  • Error HE – Heater error.
  • Error CE – Current Error. Overload in the motor.
  • Error Cr – Continuous run. The dishwasher is running in test mode. Turn the dishwasher OFF and ON again.
  • Error AE / E1 – Possible leak.
  • CD – Not an error. This code means Cool and Dry and it is an additional cycle following a Quick cycle.

Your appliance doesn’t need to be old to show any of these error codes, mind you. In fact, you might get a code after plumbing in the dishwasher. For example, one about a detected leak, meaning you didn’t connect the dishwasher to the water supply properly.

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How to resolve your LG appliance errors

You can take some basic steps to resolve some very simple LG appliance malfunctions yourself. But once you get past the “clean the filters, check the pipes” phase, you’ll usually need a professional.

That’s where we come in. Book Fantastic Services’ appliance repair service online or use our handy booking app to schedule an appointment in about 30 seconds. Then get a City & Guilds-certified engineer out seven days a week to deal with the problem. They’ll leave you with a fully working appliance and a one-year guarantee so you know that fix will last.


  • LG appliances are well made – it’s easy to diagnose faults
  • For a few basic errors, you can use the error code lists to fix the issue yourself
  • Anything beyond cleaning filters or checking pipes usually requires a trained professional


Has that told you everything you needed to know about your LG appliance error?

If it has please tell us. Or, if your error code wasn’t listed, tell us about that too… If we can help, we certainly will!

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