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CEO Rune Sovndahl in Making Money Magazine

Rune Sovndahl, CEO and co-founder of Fantastic Services, is at it again! This time, he’s talking to Making Money Magazine, the UK’s leading magazine for business opportunities and start-ups.

In the interview, Rune talks to them about his best moment in the business. It was when a childhood dream of his came true. He explains, that one day when he was on the way to the airport in Sydney he passed two cars with our branding on. Since then, every time he sees one he bursts into a smile.

However, there are inevitable difficulties in making dreams come true. When asked what the difficult part of running a business was, he adds ‘trying to grow a business when you don’t have funding. In the beginning, you have to be so lean and produce results every month. However, that’s what made us creative and perform better.”

What’s the most important lesson that he’s learnt in business? Rune explains that he firmly believes in empowerment and motivation – “We try to build purpose into our workforce. Each and every one of our staff is proud of the work they do and have the same mindset as us. A job must be done to the best possible standard and they are all enthusiastic about what they do.”

And speaking of a job well done, which business people interest Rune the most? There are two, but for completely different reasons: “This is always a difficult question to answer and I admire business figures for various reasons. Charlie Mullins, the founder of Pimlico Plumbers, is the epitome of ‘boy done good’. His emphasis on apprenticeships and the way he encourages young people to live up to their potential is fantastic. In recent months, I have developed a newfound sense of curiosity towards the founder of Uber, Travis Kalinick. His fearless disrespect, for the law, is something I have never seen before in such a high-profile business figure”.

Finally, what is his best piece of advice for a budding entrepreneur? For him, it’s simple – “Have ambition”.

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Last update: August 27, 2018

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