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The holidays are almost upon us… and with them, the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree. Why? Because presents, even plain socks, become way more exciting when placed under a tree. But before we proudly start decorating our firs with colourful strings of light and intricate handmade ornaments, let us give the spotlight to Boris – a passionate gardener with a knack for perfection.

Boris has been a part of Fantastic Services for the past two and a half years and specialises in gardening and landscaping, as well as in spreading the holiday cheer, a.k.a. Christmas tree delivery. Currently, he has two different teams working alongside him, but he also invests quite a bit of time and effort in training fresh recruits.

We asked Boris a couple of questions about his experience with Fantastic Services:


I have lived in Great Britain ever since my arrival in June 2013, and it took about a year and a half before fortune brought me to Fantastic Services. Before that, I worked as a gardener for a small Aussie company with a staff of around ten people, where I gained lots of invaluable experience in the field of gardening and landscaping. I now find it interesting that at the time my brother was also working for another gardening company. A circumstance, which one day led to the cleverest idea that ever came to our minds – that we should team up together!
And so we went on a job hunt across different companies until the name of Fantastic Services eventually came up on our list. Which turned out to be for the best, because my mission from the very start has been to constantly improve the quality of the services I deliver, as well as to learn how to better promote the brand that I represent. So I thank Fantastic Services for giving me the opportunity to do both. Some may say that I’m too much of a perfectionist, but here’s the thing – gardening is a very demanding profession that rarely tolerates failure. With that said, I firmly believe that its core principle can be applied to every type of work out there: you either do something right or you don’t do it at all.

We also asked him to name one fantastic thing about the company:


Boris’s hard-working team.

One of the most basic things in our line of work is to find enough clients for the franchise partners. Plenty of work will usually result in a quite handsome payment, so I’m very glad that Fantastic Services has always managed to find new ways to keep me busy. This is something that only a handful of companies actually bother doing.

I believe that working with my team is what has always made my job fantastic. This may come across as rather boring to some of you, but there were very few occasions in which I had to deal with actual job-related problems. I know how incredibly tense the workload can get at times and that everyone is bound to eventually make a mistake or two. However, my belief is that one should always try to work out a solution instead of grumbling about every little problem that one faces along the way. Taking a small equal share of the collective responsibility and looking for ways to amend a given situation is what will ultimately drive your team forward.

Another fantastic thing I almost forgot to mention is that I now have some actual free time to spare. I get plenty of opportunities to take some days off both during the summer and winter seasons, so I have ample of time to replenish my energy, enjoy my hobbies, and get into the right mindset needed to face the next wave of customers.

Boris also shared a couple of tips for all current and future partners of Fantastic Services:

To become successful, it is of utmost importance to stand united as a team. Being strict is not always pleasant (in fact, it rarely is), but it will surely lead to success. Being too harsh, however, will create unnecessary hurdles on your road to achieving a team leading nirvana. So don’t forget that maintaining good relations with your colleagues is a small, but incredibly important piece that will help you assemble the whole teamwork puzzle together.

In the end, Boris shed some light on the way his dailyhood became a bit more fantastic:

Luckily for me, I’ve always found this type of work to be entertaining. Being a gardener doesn’t involve heavy physical labour – it’s more like going to gym, really. Which is fine by me, as I often have enough energy left to end my day by going to an actual gym. And this surge of energy becomes even greater when I see my clients happy.

When I’m not working out, I often cater to the teeny tiny adventurer in me. So I end up grabbing my trusty backpack and setting out to explore the many interesting places that this country has to offer, sometimes even using my holidays to travel abroad. In my free time I am also able to meet up with my friends in London, who just so happen to represent almost every country you can think of!


Fantastic Services would like to thank Boris for his hard work and for finding the time to make this interview happen.

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Last update: September 12, 2018

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