Keep moving forward and don’t ever let your motivation leave you.
Spring is finally here and with it the contagious enthusiasm that urges us to boldly change our way of life for the better. So much so that many people choose this season as the perfect time to act and switch their homes, local communities, or even their entire professional careers almost overnight! Speaking of bold changes, we cannot wait to introduce you to our next Fantastic star – Georgi Kostov. A man with virtually endless energy reserves (confirmed countless times over by his colleagues), he has managed to become one of our top home removals experts in just 6 months.

We asked Georgi how did he become part of Fantastic Services

Well, the story is pretty much straightforward. At the time, my wife had already taken advantage of Fantastic Services’ franchise program and she was running a cleaning team in London. I tried my luck with removals and here I am, almost half a year later, with a trusted partner and a lot of jobs during the day to keep me busy.

We also asked him what is the one fantastic thing about the company that impressed him the most

There are quite a few things I would like to mention. What surprises me the most, however (pleasantly at that) is the level of organisation that we have going on here. It’s not that easy to manage a company of such scale, especially one that has as many processes running in the background as Fantastic Services does.

One more thing that really excites me is that every new client we receive brings a unique experience to the table. To illustrate what I mean, let me tell you a short and funny story of one such experience.

We were carrying out a regular moving service for a client of ours. He told us at the time that his driver is a famous rap singer and hyped us a lot about it. However, when we arrived at the destination, we saw a picture of him in the studio. It was then we realised that the person we helped move house was the celebrity he spoke about all along!

Georgi shared with us his single most effective tip for all current and future partners of Fantastic Services

There are many things I could tell you, but all of them can be summed up in one sentence – keep moving forward and don’t ever let your motivation leave you. This is the recipe you need to follow to become fantastic at what you do every single day.

Georgi also threw some light on his personal life in London

I can safely say that my dailyhood became a bit more fantastic due to the dynamic pacing of my work. I generally like to rest on my free days as my job often goes hand in hand with considerable physical fatigue. Whenever I feel more energetic, I love strolling down the London city centre to enjoy the riverbanks of Thames and all the attractions that the city has to offer.

As for my work day, it typically begins with me bolting from my bed in the early hours. I always check my BFantastic to ensure that I’m always up to date with my daily schedule.

After a quick round of coffee, I prep for my job and leave home so I can meet up with my partner. We start with the first address for the day and move down the list of clients until the end of the day when we get our well-deserved rest and ready ourselves for tomorrow’s new set of challenges.


Fantastic Services would like to thank Georgi for his hard work and dedication and for finding the time to make this interview happen.

  • Last update: February 14, 2020

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